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Light and sound

What an amazing energy

Causing lovely synergy

We merely sensed it with astound!

We do possess five senses

To receive the external world’s vibes with exuberance

To imagine out of human’s exquisite cerebral

Which too a nature’s creation, absolutely phenomenal!

Light energy bestowed to the planet Earth by Sun

Owing to its presence in the nucleus of the solar system we are accustomed

It causes huge impact at random

What a grand dispensation it alone performs with élan!

Due to our planet Earth’s geometrical existence

It causes manifold of expressions with magnificence

The difference of light energy being received in different location

Out of its angular reception

It makes enigmatic impact to produce myriad species with jubilation!

Birds, bees and myriad creatures in nature

Adorn them out of light to attract the opposites for mating with flair

Thus the creation and procreation process roles

To make a grandeur in nature’s floor with an amazing protocol!

Light travels in a fastest form in nature’s bosom

As per human’s calculation and wisdom

To make huge humdrum and construe a lovely carnival

What we all creatures enjoy at random in jovial!

We human only wonder

How nature may script its own destiny

Being absorbed by black hole with sheer serendipity

Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron or any other form of metal

Having any ability to avoid such apocalypse which is fatal

Universe alone playing the intriguing game

Where absence of flame our fame, mane and all game

Will abruptly end, where we have none to blame!

Pressure, sound, heat or light

The forms of energy

Making huge impact for all forms of life with synergy

Just to express with utter delight!

Absence of it

We may turn into mere debris

None to recognize our entity

Whether living or dead in nature’s floor with an intriguing vanity!


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that is beautiful, thank you for the creation of it and sharing it with us Debasish Majumder

CityVP Manjit

2 years ago #4

The great thing in watching your personal growth as you explore and develop through your beBee contributions, is to see how you have embraced utopian visions whereas much more of your explorations a few years ago where more grounded in the dystopian. We should not abandon the dystopian, because we need more people who can accommodate thoughts which are the most difficult to think about, but we also need more vision and multi-dimensional emission - rather than one-driectional or fixed points of view. In that regard your poetry shows me an individual growing and expanding their insight and someone who is more likely to touch the ground, as they are build a vision of healthy transformation, as well as managing not to hide away the difficult conversations.

Debasish Majumder

2 years ago #3

Milos Djukic

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