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Expect the Unexpected...A real life incident with a twist in the story.

Expect the Unexpected...A real life incident with a twist in the story.

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 He enters his new job with a lot of enthusiasm and high energy as anyone would. First day itself the management informs him;  "You need to take over from a person we are going to put you across to. You learn from him!  He is going to be your boss for that period till we fire him"!   ..............        He suddenly realized that he is being used as a sandwich by the management for a certain period. During that time, he is supposed to learn everything!, take over and allow the management to fire his boss once everything works out well! Management was scared that communicating directly with his boss at that stage would jeopardize their operations as they wanted to get rid of him after this recruit learns all that is required to run the show. They were scared that customers would suffer otherwise. They also knew that they were not capable of handling the situation immediately without his presence.So this person came to take over from his boss! With the connivance* of the management, he was supposed to work under that person who would eventually be asked to go.... As he walked into his new job this was never there even in his wildest of the dreams.

By now you must be curious to know what would have happened to this person who joined with lot of hopes and aspirations in the new job?

What would have happened to him, who would have entered this scenario unknowingly? Looking for better prospects and  probably leaving behind a better working condition?

I will tell you what happened to this person in great detail after I share with you all some survival tips which is worth reading.Some  steps, so that you could adjust at the new place of work leading to a successful association .I like to call them   #Newjobsurvivaltips!

  • Take advantage of  the fact that being a new recruit you are able to start with a clean slate . Forget the past, start your working life all fresh now. The biggest advantage of changing to a new job is this could give you an opportunity to reinvent yourself. You can start with a clean slate. You know that people will judge you for what you are going to do and not for what you have already done. This should encourage you to do well and act smart and come up with very good work.Tip: Start with full confidence that you can deal with anyone and handle any situation.
  • Build your credibility.Work on building your trust by managing your reputation through steering clear of controversies: Manage the disappointments well and equally important is distancing yourself from negativity. Tip: Develop an image of a go to person.
  • Don't get it wrong : Don't mix up your personal philosophies with your views at the workplace unless you are very sure that both leads to the same end results.Tip: Stay away from making very strong opinions based on your previous experiences .Don't be judgmental.
  • Take initiative and earn a name   : Be the first to contribute and volunteer for good causes.Tip:Think that nothing is going to stop you from your plan . Plan well and go ahead with great enthusiasm in all that you do in the new place. When you do such good karma irrespective of the end results sooner or later the obstacles are bound to move away from your path.
  • Make good use of your expertise   : You could make good use of your experiences .Being innovative will make you stand out.
  • Get a 360-degree feedback and check   : Somehow get a 360-degree feedback and find out how you have been doing within the organization and take corrective measures if anything needs to be done.
  •  Last but not the least; Think a lot before complaining  : Instead focus on building affinity.Tip: Never forget the fact that every new job could also throw up some unknown challenges and how we are going to handle them would define how we are going to survive in that job.

(Of course, there could be many other valid points!From my experiences of over 25+ years in the engineering(construction products business development) industry I thought these are some of the most valid points that I should share with you all)

Now, If you are still wondering about what happened to that person...This is what actually happened...........

........The new recruit took a different stand...All that he heard about his boss in the first place was moved into the recycle bin! At least for a while, so that he could approach his new boss with some positive energy.

By forgetting the fact that his boss may not be a good leader as others would have told him it permitted him to make a sincere try to make  personal rapport with his boss in the best possible manner making use of  his own talents...(Remember? Start with a confidence that you can take anyone into confidence)

Since he was not biased in his observations he realized that  his boss had several strong points.He continued to harness every possible opportunity to work very closely with this person in order to learn and understand the positive aspects without giving a thought about the negative which was made  already known initially!

That unbiased attitude helped him to generate  positive vibe to some level while approaching him with day to day work.

While dealing with his boss, he always patiently waited  for the right time and a better atmosphere and mood so that things could be taken forward for the organization.After a while the gut feeling in him suggested that there is more to his boss that he needed to know or than that was made out to be.

To cut a very long story short the new recruit got so close with his boss that this boss started considering him as his man and over a period of time the recruit realized that there was a lot of misunderstandings between his boss and the top management due to various reasons.He found his boss to be a very honest person who never would cheat the organization though his leadership style was bit different.He took it a challenge to immerse himself to learn every aspect about his new boss and connected the dotted lines and came out with his own findings.

Not only that he decided to submit directly to the top management his findings before they took the decision to terminate him.Apart from several other things it was found that his boss never thought about how others felt about the way he operated and never bothered on taking feedback  about how others felt about him.(Remember, the 360 degree feedback mentioned above?)

In fact his very resistance to agree for a 360 degree feedback when the organization implemented the same as part of a new system they wanted to incorporate has made them  think in the negative direction .Coupled with this, his attitudinal problems  which was never corrected in the organizational platform with the external intervention/ training program's resulted in him getting into a very negative image in front of the management.

But the presentation made by the new recruit about his boss to the management was so convincing that the new recruit succeeded in convincing the management about the credibility of his boss!Management took positively  his  sincerity to  work notwithstanding the attitude problem he still had.They decided to make use of an external consultant to support with the much needed training for him to get over the attitudinal issues and decided to make use of  him in the best possible manner  instead of terminating.So that was a real happy ending!..Thanks for reading.

#Please use for getting in touch with us. We are talent acquisition consultants for senior level appointments in construction and engineering industry.Please note that we are recruiters but consultants for assessing a candidate as per the requirements of the organizations for ONLY senior level positions# ...Our work is based on the philosophy that whatever we do should also be meaningful and adding value to not just the industry but to the society as well.  We also LIKE to  take up several other activities....|Happy to help you in procurement of Geo-synthetics, Supporting SMEs to grow|Glad to provide Business development support to manufacturers of innovative products such as sustainable materials & go-green concepts|More associations with start-ups and SMEs are something we are looking forward us   ##Disclaimer/Info#Any issue should be brought to the attention of the author. #We are creating a data bank of senior construction professionals/Construction Products marketing professionals/ and consultants in various areas relevant to engineering industry.., So please feel free to reach us through  or use the same and get in touch with us through Linkedin  . Text Copyright ©  by Prakashan B.V , — All Rights Reserved ,Earlier published on LinkedIn. Image on top from googleimages 

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