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Facts you need to know about Reverse Osmosis


What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis or RO is a water decontamination process. The RO plant has three layers of filters which are mainly

§ Pre-filters

§ A Semi permeable membrane

§ Post-filters

The untreated water is passed through the pre-filters in the plant which filter remove sediments, rust, and dust from the water which is later on passed through a semipermeable membrane which has pores that are smaller than the salt, iron, and metal particles, thus making them stay back and allowing the partly purified water to pass through the pores. Finally, the post-filters polish the water further and remove any other impurities still present in it.

The need for Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis widely known as RO is a popular water purification method worldwide. It is very common in India, especially in metro cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai. Chennai is well-known for its perennial water scarcity and the compromised quality of its groundwater due to lack of rainfall and maintenance. Nowadays, many residential, official, industrial and hospitality institutions have implemented this technology to provide clean consumable water to their inhabitants. The facilities that were built before the popularization of reverse osmosis (RO), have started to implement RO plant in Chennai, to avoid problems due to water contamination.

Contaminated water often contains unnecessary compounds like salts such as chlorine, carbon-based volatile compounds, heavy metals like arsenic, lead, etc., and microbes like viruses and bacteria. Though the water needs a UV treatment to destroy the microbes in it, RO is useful in removing the other components in the water like salts and heavy metals.

Where can RO plants be used?

RO plants can be used wherever there is a need for fresh and purified water. They can be used even in places where there is a huge consumption of freshwater or in homes where there is relatively less freshwater consumption. RO plant in Chennai are widely used in places like,

· Residences (individual houses and highly populated apartments)

· Educational institutions

· Clinics, dispensaries and multi-specialty Hospitals

· Hostels and other accommodation facilities

· Offices and Multinational Companies

· Factories and Industrial units

· Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts, and other boarding and lodging facilities

To install an RO plant in Chennai, contact leading manufacturers of RO plants like Chennai Aqua Pure Systems or visit their website:

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