Debasish Majumder

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When majority are frightened with Earthquake and turbulence

Considering it as nature’s fury and vengeance

Rationally they subscribe it as truly to their perception

Human beings alone is responsible for such catastrophic revelation

Causing jeopardy and mayhem to environment

Beckoning imbalance at large to the existing eco-system

What a fabulous concept we human are heralding

Digging our own ditch without anticipating

We alone are responsible to obliterate our species from this planet

What a ridiculous gesture reflects in our greed and pejorative tenet!

We do not know

When and how matter evolve on Earth

There was always a notion in dearth

Resorting to a perception

Super natural power creates all modalities on Earth with grand revelation

We started to worship cults of our convenient form

Ignoring content at random!

In the due passage of time

Evolution alone emerge as prime

Change is the only constant which declares in rapture

Quark is the basis of all matter to clatter

Three in one is a grand parameter

The only equation promulgates all matters entity which none can deter

Pressure, temperature, color, flavor

The rudimentary essence for matter to emerge with glamour!

It is the human which only having the quality to think and perceive

No other creatures are capable of such derivation and capable to survive

Many are in the verge to extinct

Myriad are captivated in human’s caprice and precinct

Fishes are dying

Birds are crying

We human hardly heed to their jeopardy

Words devoid of action is our only vanity

We human claim we are supreme and benevolent

Our claim only yield how brazen we are to prove we alone are malevolent

We hardly can envisage

Quark and anti-quark, both derive in same circumstance

If there creation

There have to be simultaneous destruction

If we only tend to beat our own drum

We may soon lose in our own humdrum!

We are having the capacity to create and procreate

We too can beckon our disaster which may designed with predate

I wonder how I can only eulogize

Profit, business and accumulation of wealth

Out of which we can get rid of all adversities we bequeath

Humanities too can exist ignoring the existing anomalies

We need to combine both views

Birds and ants, both are extremely relevant to create on Earth such amazing hues!


If binding is all

Weak and strong, both determine significant role

This is sheer fascinating

Matter or anti-matter, both require attracting

Spin, charm and amazement

Up, down, top and bottom

We are in dilemma that what we discard and accept at random

We are in quandary, we are engulfed with awe

How to determine what is fine and what is raw!

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Jim Murray

2 years ago #5

Outstanding statement, Debasish Majumder. Human beings really have to start thinking about their species, not just their race, or colour or religion of sex or the size of the bank account.

Jerry Fletcher

2 years ago #4

Debasish, How do you do it ? I stand in awe of your ability to make words evoke more than their agreed meanings, pushing emotion and knowledge into places I did not know existed.

Dear Debasish Majumder- very nice ti see you back contributing such a lovely poem. "It is the human which only having the quality to think and perceive No other creatures are capable of such derivation and capable to survive" Sometimes I wonder if this unique human attribute is in fact not so a good blessing. Aren't the human brains responsible for the degradation of the environment. How come greed and sensible thinking be a possible combination? I just wonder.

Debasish Majumder

2 years ago #2

Milos Djukic

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