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When I went to a shop to buy a cigar

I gave the shopkeeper the price to satiate my desire

All of a sudden the event of exchange

Made a huge impact to my cerebral like an avalanche

What exactly I am paying?

The medium of exchange a coin I am giving

In return what I am getting

How will I equate whether the exchange is truly relying?

Am I just paying the value

For the commodity I adore with a blind notion to accrue?

I am in utter quandary

I am totally engulfed with the feeling

Whether a matter could exist in two different state at the same time

Time and space, what I habituate to consider as only prime

But how will I deduce my state of mind

I do exist in both affair only to grind?

Really it bemused me who I am and in what exact frame

How will I fathom the nature's intriguing game?

Economy is the affair which I am always allured

Its intense gravity reflects and triggers all humans cerebral to respond in galore

We venture myriad avenues in our survival time and due tenure

Which facilitate our state of mind to explore

With an intention only to establish our supremacy in nature's floor

Hardly we can envisage we are not as whole as a coin

Which we consider as the only medium to emerge as doyen

We can dominate on many

Out of our innovation, a coin with sheer eccentric psychology!

I wonder why do we foment to an existing design in an available social structure

Which only serve our interests in an existing stature

Our religion and beliefs too being construed

Where we find our solace even in solitude

Hardly we care about the people living in the bottom of our social hierarchy

They too having the right to live in this planet with due modesty!

How brazen we are who are living in the higher echelon

Centuries long enjoying the supremacy out of our construed pantheon

We alone making a cult of our own imagination and designFALLACY IN CURRENCY!

Where we only focused majority to malign

How do we gauge what is lying dormant

When it will become volatile and how it may torment

There could be an up side down development at any moment

Where minority too can be subjected to atrocity of majority by upsurging unusual events

Which they enjoyed since time immemorial with acrimonious style

Only to prove the all available states in social fabric by human are fragile!

Nothing is static in this moving and changing world

Motion and change only craft everything to reveal in its physical presence

Which human spectrum can only translate according to their convenience

They do only possess brains and ability to think and perceive

They only can devise to bring harmony and disharmony only favoring few to reprieve

One day we minority may too become history

Studying of us will bemuse many in future with an unending chemistry!

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Debasish Majumder

1 year ago #9

thanks for your appreciation Paul Walters.

Paul Walters

1 year ago #8

Debasish Majumder. Great !!!!

Thanks for sharing!

Debasish Majumder

1 year ago #6

thank you very much Javier \ud83d\udc1d CR for your unfailing support and consistently sharing the post. i am privileged and honored.

Cyndi wilkins

1 year ago #5

"Where we only focused majority to malign How do we gauge what is lying dormant When it will become volatile and how it may torment There could be an up side down development at any moment." Such is the language of our inner conflict Debasish Majumder... How do we choose where to align? "Which human spectrum can only translate according to their convenience" ...Your thinking machine;-) Great piece here...Thoroughly enjoyed it Debasish

Pascal Derrien

1 year ago #4

Pretty kool and superb intro 👍

Dear Debasish Majumder You remind me of water and gold. Even though water is more precious than gold the exchange for it in coins is nothing compared to gold.Water is more precious than gold; yet it costs us much less.

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