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Think out of the box

Whether a glass half empty or half filled is just a hoax

Either a box or a glass

A form just manifests with a class

We are tend to be arrested by its presentation

I wonder how form engender a conundrum and hypnotize us with jubilation

Hardly we can gauge and apprehend

How form abruptly could be changed

A glass can be used as weapon

To attack one whom we consider as enemy with ample reason

Myriad mayhem too happen in nature's floor

Where form being eclipsed by content to make ruckus in galore!

When my act produce huge uproar

My heart started to beat profusely and equally roar

How could I suddenly comprehend

It is the only organ first started to develop in the fetus with furor

To enable other organs to develop gradually with adequate nutrients to eventually focus

Attraction and contraction, a process always mutually works to maintain a due status

Status quo a state we all love to sustain

Glass, box and various forms we adore and equivocally try to retain!


Matter and its existence appears at random

Makes huge impact to human spectrum

Its entity alone reflects on our eye

Nature's precinct arrests us where we hardly have any option to vie

We are forced to be arrested whether in glass or box

Alas! How could we judge we too are nature's prey

Matter alone creates an enigma where we hardly have anything to say

We only designed to abide nature's dictum

A continuum alone makes all difference at random!

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Pascal Derrien

2 years ago #3

I quite like those two lines Status quo a state we all love to sustain Glass, box and various forms we adore and equivocally try to retain!

John Rylance

2 years ago #2

A thought-provoking piece. I think the title could be changed to Fallacy Informs, but one should only change the Status Quo if you can improve it, and Im not sure it does.

Debasish Majumder

2 years ago #1

Jerry Fletcher

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