Debasish Majumder

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Tiger, we people consider as the most ferocious animalFALLACY WITH HUMAN'S OWN IMPROPRIETY!

Still we consider it and adore it as our national animal

Though we consider it as majestic and royal

Yet we cannot rule out it is a man eater

It only having the potentiality to cause detriment to our available social structure

After all we cannot rule out it is a cannibal

It alone can wither our existence by rejoicing its own carnival.

When a hunter focus on its prey

Tiger appears as the most fabulous to its tray

We human do believe firmly

We are the supreme out of our intellectual capacity

Killing a tiger considered as a heroic act

Poor creature, how they know we human are truly pernicious in all respect

We only know how to tame wild

To dictate and force to act out of our caprice

We human are perhaps the most ferocious out of all creatures

Blaming other creatures to outweigh their superior stature!

Surely it is the human which only having the capacity

Having the fancy to be engulfed with mendacity

Ignoring the truth of the continuous strife between predator and prey

Which alone destine nature's intriguing tray

When we confront Tiger

Hardly we care about its majestic stature

At our slightest opportunity

We never dither to kill it instantly!

It is the human values and expression

We eulogize Tiger out of all animals in manifestation

It is the emotion being designed by human brain

Tiger appear as cult in our designed domain

Alas! the poor creature

Unknowingly being slayed and became endangered

Just to indulge our rapture

Where insignia hardly plays any role

In order to ensure the might of human's brazen role

No longer caring about the ecosystem

Welcoming jeopardy to its very existence!

Tiger is Royal in our perception

Its majestic foray we enjoy distantly

It truly symbolize

How we salute to our overlord with reverence

Not judging its veracity

We humbly subdue to our Royals

Few upper echelon morons continuously exploit our state with jubilation

Hardly they care we too human, unlike other animals

And we won't allow their continuous exploitation

Majestic we too can appear to eclipse their inequitable rendition.

I wonder when the few privileged class

Comprehend the gravity of majority

Who alone can make distinction in chorus

To decimate perpetually their superiority

When they could realize

There is no point to eulogize

Animals are always inferior

There is no reason to intimidate human by suppressing their valor

Royal or general are the sole design of human

Animals have no role and neither they could understand human's pernicious design

Which is truly inhuman

To kill incessantly any creature in any pretext

We human can only beckon our own jeopardy in haste!

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Marisa Fonseca Diniz

1 year ago #6

Human beings are nature's biggest predators, in addition to killing each other of the same species without regretting anything, regardless of whether the pain is physical or emotional. The text is an excellent reflection, thank you. 

Lisa Vanderburg

1 year ago #5

Dear Debasish Majumder, this is beautiful; a lament of the ages that we find ourselves the creature of rage and contempt. Never such a noble beast as the Tiger.

We human are perhaps the most ferocious out of all creatures Blaming other creatures to outweigh their superior stature! You are a gifted poet dear Debasish Majumder

Pascal Derrien

1 year ago #3

Royal 👑

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