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Winston Charchil!
By virtue of science and technology our world has turned into a global village. Innovation and disruption has brought a sea change to almost every aspects of our corporate life. Technology with its inherent strength has ushered enormous progress and made our life easy and comfortable. ‘Comfort Loving’ became a misnomer to development nowadays and for the sake of ‘comfort’, we are obsessed to numerous gadgets which largely influence our mental state and navigate us to reach to our aspiration of garnering more and more mundane comfort and wealth. Out of this ‘hysteria of comfort’, by virtue of innovation or disruption, we are observing traditional business houses are failing to adapt and going into oblivion and in place of those institutions, new houses are came into being and making huge wealth and success briskly. What is the key which led to their success? It is the only story majority are induced to focus on and thus they equally fall into the vortex of making money briskly, which eventually made numerous to go into oblivion or experiencing huge misery by such enticing devise, popularly known as startups. A sheer cloud of complexities emerged in such a fashion where spiral movement (upward or downward, both) we ordinary failed to fathom. We are inclined to adopt a straight line or a short cut method resulting us to experience sheer despondence. It is evident that even numerous ‘Fortune 500’ companies are no longer in existence; despite they reached to their apex of hard work and are well known for their customer centric endeavors.

Disruption is now a common phenomenon and it attracts abruptly majority with its stunning manifestation. Patience is being replaced by devising a formula of making brisk money and opulence. Profit and wealth became the only parameter to equate success and we are forced to loss our sanity that majority cannot make profit. It is always a subject for few.

The present successful class who are capable to make huge profit and wealth within a short span of time are treated as epitome of leaders and a new trend of worshipping cult figures came into being with a new moniker and style known as ‘Innovators’.

Apparently collective management to ensure exclusive growth is no longer a collective stature, rather a selective stature, being christened as ‘Collective Endeavor’ with a deceptive notion and being successfully inculcated to majority’s faculty to induce them to buy such deceptive views overwhelmingly!

These few ‘Nouveau Riche’ class are newly emerging as an extremely powerful community whose sanity are surely questionable. They are funding to different groups and organizing in the name of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ and supervising constructing monuments, idols, bridges, walls etc. of utter distinction which inevitably produce awe to many, but their endeavors how far sensible and promoting welfare to the majority with harmony and bringing development for many is surely questionable.

Their success is being termed as ‘Leadership quality’ and they are being defined as iconic leaders. They play a crucial role for making leaders in social and political milieu of any nation and successfully create an ambiance where majority are forced to buy these leaders views and consider them as popular, inevitable and messiah for development for majority in any nation.

Across the world, we are now observing the emergence of such leaders who are extremely narcissist, obsessed with fanaticism and religious obscurantism, capable to produce a milieu of intolerance where reasons and sensibility is taking back seat, while cheap populism is overbearing and overpowering the majority with their with attractive but cheap and blunt propaganda with false data and statistics of growth and development, having the potential to make majority’s vision blurred with superstitions and false beliefs by marketing old wine in new bottle successfully, making majority’s sensitivity intoxicated and numb, causing damage to their normal traits of judging and evaluating capacity on the light of reasons. Majority tend to accept their authority blindly without questioning its authenticity. Thus they are making majority economically impoverish and corrupt. Only nepotism is taking the role of a front runner, a weapon to mutilate majority horrendously and stealing their sensibility abruptly.

‘Emotion can only bring riot to one’s reason’, the famous quote is how far pertinent, we can now evidently experience. Economic slowdown, recession etc. are now a common terminology they resort to in order to make a postulation of their own in accordance to their convenience which may only safe guard their interests and sustain their relevance in an available circumstances and perhaps the only reason of the misery the present world is facing. They never express their unholy, unhealthy and inequitable competitions of few are paving the way for such vicious atmosphere where religious bigotry, evidently act as the fuel to flare up various complications and antagonism. Numerous terrorists outfits are prevalent now across the world, killing innumerable innocents who are ordinary people comprising the majority. Unemployment, poverty, refugees, crimes, brutality and all forms of atrocities and violence, creating an atmosphere of jeopardy, intimidating the majority across the globe.

The people who are leading from the front, though they are considered as ‘Leaders’, who display sheer ignorance and a strong apathy to do betterment to the majority are predominantly expressing their entity across the world . But, one quality is common in all of them is that they all are adept in implementing a singly strategy, that is to implement divisiveness and discrimination among many adroitly! Instead of disharmony and chaos they are incapable to perform anything to serve for humanity.

Whether in U.S.A., Europe, Asia, Africa, everywhere we observe the crisis of true leaders who are seriously concern for humanity. Instead, we took notice people (or leaders) who are at the helm of administration are utterly incompetent, backed by corporate who are only concern for their self-interests and their anarchist nature manifests evidently which having the capacity to cause only mayhem.

I am neither a communist, nor a socialist neither taking the brief for capitalists. My concern is only with humanity and I feel extremely distressed to observe erosion of human values across the world which is being fomented by such imbecile leaders who are even eulogized by many and treated as cult!

I am from a developing nation and my country is India, where I evidently notice the gross erosion of values which is eclipsing my country and myriad of my countrymen who comprise the majority, how cruelly they are subjected to the atrocities of the few.

Here unlike any nation’s history, capitalists are fleeing from their own country by purloining public money, who equally termed as ‘successful leaders’ before their sudden exit. Economic policies like demonetization and other critical tax policies are burdening the majority mass and their conditions are miserable. A country where large section of people are below the poverty line and illiteracy is still a curse to our nation, a country which is largely monetized, here making digitized India is a sheer mockery to the countrymen by our ‘Adept Leaders’, bringing ruin to our nation. Unemployment, lawlessness, corruption, and religious fanaticism causing as stimulus, hastening the progress of degradation and decadence of our country. Leaders are forcing people to dream of an ancient administrative mechanism, where a monarch used to dispense just and apt administration and instilling a fervor for such ruler on the majority. Is it at all a dream or a nightmare which the leaders inducing the majority and alluring them to elect those few and retain them in the corridor of power. India considered being the largest democracy of the world is now being forced to propagate a ruling design, compelling to decelerate the wheels of history. I wonder if change is the only constant and we are presently in a state which has been evolved in the due passage of time, can we once more go back to our former state which was surely crude comparing to the present one. But, unfortunately, in the present scenario these leaders are being largely appreciated who are forcing the majority to helplessly surrender to them. Thanks to the new media and digital media which is fomenting majority mass to indulge activities devoid of reasons and accept an authority without challenging it. The leaders who are successful turning the mass into blind by their own lucrative visions which only satiate their greed and brazenly beating their own drum. Are they should be treated as ‘Leaders’?

I am in quandary if majority subscribe to them, where we minority will ultimately stand? We are simply an insignificant fire flies whose destiny is short lived and soon will be dying in the flame of deceptive doctrine, which is the most detrimental inferno blazing the entire country. The fire of hatred and intolerance with its vile narratives is intensifying emphatically and manifesting viciously to cause mayhem across the country. instead of dousing such fatal inferno, who are fomenting to make it more wild, are they will be considered as 'Leaders'? Alas! They are now evident in global politics and majority are being helplessly eclipsed by them.

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Ali Anani

4 years ago #7

Thank you Franci\ud83d\udc1dEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador for your great mentioning of me
Well said in its entirety, Debasish Majumder. IMO, leadership is constantly challenged. What has happened to ethics and core ideas, such as justice? Leadership has become "all about me" instead "all about us/them". We are living through tough times and we need leaders that have morals, ethical principals and respect for others. I agree with Ali \ud83d\udc1d Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee, "Our world is rushing towards more chaos. Leaders aren't an exception. We have two possibilities either to self-organize into new values or run into complete chaos. No order shall come unless it is done from within. The challenge is great."

Pascal Derrien

4 years ago #5

its not easy to stick to the original moral compass for many leaders who get access to power or not... It very often gets diluted over the years, call it pragmatism, naivety or ….ambition now many likes to wrap it under the term evolution :-)

Jerry Fletcher

4 years ago #4

Debasish, Not all leaders are part of governments. The best governments have people that consider themselves servants although those are few and far between these days. Innovators are one of the few groups that can be termed leaders because they stand at the intersection of industries, ideas, and introduce new things. They are more adept the greater the diversity they operate in. My hope is that a true leader will emerge in the USA to replace the current occupant of the White House.

Debasish Majumder

4 years ago #3

Gert Scholtz

Debasish Majumder

4 years ago #2

Joel Anderson

Ali Anani

4 years ago #1

Dear Debasish Majumder- I pondered a lot while reading your buzz. I pondered more on this part "..where I evidently notice the gross erosion of values which is eclipsing my country and myriad of my countrymen who comprise the majority, how cruelly they are subjected to the atrocities of the few". Our world is rushing towards more chaos. Leaders aren't an exception. We have two possibilities either to self-organize into new values or run into complete chaos. No order shall come unless it is done from within. The challenge is great.

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