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Making fences might engender our ego

We are isolated from many whom we consider inferior and low

We construe our own domain

We are contented by our own blowing fame

Fences, we consider as a unique devise

Being segregated from many out of our own caprice

Hardly we care

Myriad render their services for few peoples superior state and soothing affair

We love to enjoy our higher echelon

Human labor we exploit, yet we tend to ignore their contribution on our superior domain

Whom centuries long we conquered and made captive and forced them to act as slave

In modern era we purchase their labor and transform them into slave with deprave

Making fences to discriminate them from our domain has become our latest fancy

We few stubbornly adorn our own world where 'trespassers will be prosecuted' a slogan of few became expeditiously!

We are now captured with a new phenomena

Where work from home being stimulated many with sheer panorama

Though funny, yet many are engulfed with an amazing syndrome

I wonder, Is not it a pernicious ploy to hoodwink many at random?

Labor is the prime basic condition

Which alone accelerate and ensure the pace of world history for its existence

As well persistence with jubilation

We may not perhaps have any opportunity without its accumulated rendition

I wonder, how can we undermine labor

To arrest them and ignore their valuable appreciation

Discarding labor and undermine its supreme value is a crime

Which alone pave the way towards mortuary

Not knowing who will script the majority's obituary!

Alas! we forget to celebrate

Association and conglomeration is the only key we need to re calibrate

United we stand, divided we fall

An adage being popular centuries long

Fences are just mirage

To confuse may and make us disarray only to produce haze

We need to comprehend the watery affair

Which alone enable us to visualize all through our eyes with adroit behavior

Water alone act as the sole ingredient, source of huge energy

Whether human brain or eyes, it alone draw the due difference with synergy

Breaking all barriers, crossing all impediments

Expanding our horizon with grand exuberance

Fences should be discarded as it makes neighbors as enemy

Huddle, Puddle, Cuddle and Love, the only path to rejoice and uphold humanity.

Good fences make good neighbor

We are largely influenced by its clarion confusing call and clamor

Continuously we struggle

How to suppress our own fraternity and put a muzzle

Force them to act according to few peoples caprice

Majority being throttled, forced to put their feet in few peoples shoe

Where majority collectively lost their flavor and hue

What a disgrace we observe in our existing milieu!


We few take delight for being segregated from many

Indulged to make fences even within our own family

It has become our utmost testimony

We largely being carried away by our own designed fancy

We are supreme as human, though restricted within few

Yet we tend to display brazenly out hegemony with ecstasy with few trusted crew

But we should not forget the difference between Acid and Base

Which alone causing huge furor and posing sheer menace

Mankind is now facing utter despondence

It is almost at the brink where greed only working with a blindfold appearance!

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Fay Vietmeier

1 year ago #5

Debasish Majumder "Making fences might engender our ego" ... you could write a book on just this line ;~) Hope you are well Debasish

Well there are No fences around your creativity, beautiful art

I shared your lovely poem dear Debasish Majumder. Good lyrics here

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