Debasish Majumder

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I wonder whether we are in a battle field

Where killing of our own species at random without feeling any guilt

Out of instant rage

We are capable to cause huge rummage

Not knowing exactly who our enemy is

We are just propelled out of sheer profane and inhuman tendencies

Caste, creed and religion

Making all damages to humanity

Without any iota of feeling any infamy

Forgetting the basic tenet

That we all are human and we all having an ambition to promote

That our thrive is the only option

With a healthy milieu which we only crave to proliferate in abundance

Yet, we only experience with abhor

Since centuries long the animosity within us is predominant in galore!

Eye for an eye cannot be our cry

Are we truly bothered of our eye?

Which is an organ having no blood vessels and largely depend on external energy to vie?


This only makes all difference in this world with an amazing train

Should we afford to create a nefarious hegemony?

Where we only indulge to kill incessantly our own progeny?

Market economy is a confusing dichotomy

The only intense form of all political manifestation with sheer acrimony

Where expansionism is the only clarion call, ignoring all regional and national autonomy

Slaying brutally all local buds to groom

Welcoming only own supremacy to bloom

Resorting to violence and incessant killing

With an alibi just to make divisive craft works which only deserve to be nullifying!

I am afraid, when this ignominy will come to an end

When our conscience will prevail to rescue us from such descend

We are all mere space

Of course time plays the crucial role for paving all upheaval

I wonder whether we can envisage

From big bang to black hole how human civilization emerge with a presage

All elements, metals and minerals

Are always in transformation on Earth’s floor with an amazing trails

We too are configured by nature’s mystic blow

Hardly we are capable to realize how nature maintain its supremacy with a mystic glow

We human alone perhaps possess enormous greed

Which alone responsible for all our disaster, we are truly an amazing breed!

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Unfortunately, we are responsible for our own disasters! Seems being responsible could take better turn, IMO. We must find a resolution to control the anger and rage against innocent people.

Lisa Vanderburg

2 years ago #5

Alas, dear Debasish Majumder no matter the nobility or intent, where we go, murder will soon follow. It seems we are hell-bent on putting aside the work needed for collective hope. Yet, yet..... You bring beauty to such ugliness; you have the gift!

Jerry Fletcher

2 years ago #4

Debasish, I'm saddened by the travails of South Africa, the terrorism in Christchurch, racism, attacks on religions and the general malaise of a world drowning is stupidity. We are, indeed, responsible for all our disasters. I pray we can find the courage to find real solutions.

It is a sad day for two Jordanians got killed and eight more seriously injured in the shooting of prayers in a mosque in New Zealand today. Six more people were injured in a wedding with a fool celebrating by shooting in the air. "Eye for an eye cannot be our cry Are we truly bothered of our eye? Which is an organ having no blood vessels and largely depend on external energy to vie?" Killing is not even for an eye for an eye dear Debasish Majumder. We are living in what I want to coin as "The chaos of our minds". Chaotic minds kill without a reason. Sad world we live in.

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