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To dispel dark with sprightly dance with due polite

It alone glow at random

To make amazing impact in human spectrum

Making an object a stunning one

Emerging alone to carve a niche in human mind as champion

Its attribute and glow

Silently it sails to carry with an amazing blow

With a tedious onus

So that we all may facilitate in a row with chorus!

A candle has a due tenure to light

To bring in our heart with immense delight

When light may extinguish in due time

The memory it brings remain in our heart for lifetime

What an energy it possess

It neither can be created or destroyed

An energy continuously change its course in due process!

What enigma energy bears

An elegant testimony of its rendition in vociferous

Which only human souls perhaps can assess

Phoenix the christened it alone possess

A bird never emerges in our spectrum

Only in our cerebral it causes a lovely intriguing humdrum!

We adore out of our heartiest fervor and flame

Though we are doubtful of its existence

But believe its presence in human imaginative realm

An inspiration of never ending phenomena in human’s tedious journey to claim!

Thank you very much madam Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador from behind the curtain you play an admiring role to make this site @beBee, a lovely networking site with the true essence of affinity and bonding with myriad bees, enabling to make delicious honey!

Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador, a lady of distinction, who continuously keeps a low profile deliberately, but enabling many to thrive emphatically by her continuous support and appreciation. Tedious effort she spares to make one a star in beBee’s sphere. An affinity she solely promotes to make this site unique with its far reaching effect for an infinite journey. She is an ambassador of distinction. We hardly can pay tribute to acknowledge her affiliation and dedication.

I just doff off to this remarkable lady for her persistent praiseworthy effort! You are an instigating one for many bees to make delectable honey and buzzes and we only can offer you a round of applause madam!

This buzz dedicated to madam Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador

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Thank you Claire L Cardwell, and thank you for following my blogs. 🤗

Claire L Cardwell

3 years ago #17

Beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady Debasish Majumder you rock!

Thank you, Fatima. And I find the same is true about beBee bees as they motivate and support me, as well.

🐝 Fatima G. Williams

3 years ago #15

Debasish Majumder she is one of the many glues that holds us together and brings us back here. A bee with a very big heart. Thank you Franci for all you do by supporting and motivating us.

Gert Scholtz

3 years ago #14

Very thoughtful tribute Debasish Majumder is singular in her engagement, sharing, and openness on BeBee. A real Queen Bee!

Thank you so much, Cyndi, for your lovely comment.

Cyndi wilkins

3 years ago #12

Very nice tribute to one who embodies the essence of humility...Franci\ud83d\udc1dEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador is truly an Ambassador of the heart;-)

Pascal Derrien

3 years ago #11

When stars are aligned or generous tribute to a generous soul :-)

Lisa Gallagher

3 years ago #10

What a beautiful tribute to Franci\ud83d\udc1dEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador

This lovely buzz is so very kind of you, Debasish Majumder, you have established yourself as "The Women Advocate". On behalf of all beBee women, your dedication is truly appreciated.

Thank you for your humanly stirring comment dear Debasish Majumder

Debasish Majumder

3 years ago #7

i only can concur a line from your previous buzz, that, 'agility are inevitable for making changes' sir Ali \ud83d\udc1d Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee and it is not error, it is an eloquent testimony that how you are adaptive to changes, a lesson for us to learn where humility is the only parameter i guess. thank you for your continuous inspiring comment and appreciation. i am privileged and honored sir.

I meant not only, and not not all in my previous comment. When emotions flow during writing, we are bound to make unintentional errors.

Not all you return some of the favors that our friend Franci\ud83d\udc1dEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador

Debasish Majumder

3 years ago #3

Jerry Fletcher

Debasish Majumder

3 years ago #2

Kim Wheeler

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