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Freelancers vs Companies

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VS Agency Developer


Businesses and persons often need a web app developer to create software that can solve their problem and it can be accessed from anywhere. Whom to hire: Agencies vs freelancers for remote development? How to hire developers and how much does it cost to hire a developer is a real question and most of us are clueless at that moment. First of all, you need to decide how much work has to be done on your web app then you can move forward with respective hiring methods for following listed conditions:

Remote web developers from agencies vs freelancers, Whom to hire

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Work estimation for web development

  • Developing multiple web apps from scratch

For this scenario, the cost-efficient way is to hire a salaried full-time experienced web development team. The team should consist, project manager, business analyst, web designer, front-end web developer, backend web developer and quality analysts. You can also hire remote staff if you are getting them on cheaper costs from another geographical location.

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  • Developing a complete web app

Complete development of a web app requires the team same web development team that is mentioned above however hiring remote workforce will be the more cost-efficient way for this scenario unless and until the scope of the project is too big.

  • Developing only one end of web app

While hiring web developers for building just one end of web app it is preferable that you hire either a full stack web developer or a highly experienced web developer because there are problems and rework that occurs due to miscommunication between development teams working on different ends of a web app.

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