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I am in a frame of mind

I wish to allow my life to grind

Forgetting a long time bind

I am in a bizarre state

I don't know how to amend my weird state

I only can resort to fate

My destiny thus perhaps destined with peculiar haste!

I am accustomed to see everything and judge

Under a lens and intently observe

I do possess in my eye with an inherent lens too

Where I myself arrested in a circle, unknowingly and move spirally with an amazing glue

Out of which I satiate my ambition with emerging hue

I am obsessed with color, flavor and sound engulfing me

I indulged to disintegrate myself from the available milieu with an uncontrolled spree

Hardly I am able to comprehend the lens being ingrained on me

A nature's device taking all onus to configure my soul in glee

How external world appears in my purview

Out of which I satiate my ambition with amazing hue!

Poor creature we human are

Claiming our supremacy being crafted on in nature's floor to overbear

Hardly we can comprehend, who are our enemy and foe

How we take the world in our stride with a tremendous blow!

But, Alas! We tend to see through our inherent lens

Where we unfortunately indulge to resort to be arrested in a vicious circle

Failure and success being judged by our own permeate protocol

Where mundane wealth is the only parameter we uphold and equate with huge hyperbole

Obsessed to assert our self desired designed goal

We unknowingly tend to annihilate ourselves with an unbelievable brawl!


I exactly cannot fathom

What triggers me at random

Why I induced to go for perpetual oblivion

I wonder, after my demise, autopsy at all can reveal my inclination

Why I opt the path and in what condition I choose for annihilation?

What conditions are responsible for my self destructing tendency

Why I am forced to script my self obituary

What matters in my D.N.A. plays such active role

Paving me to navigate towards grave in abrupt prowl 

Why suicidal tendency induced me to conclude my journey?

In nature's floor, termed as "Brawl" with intriguing fancy!

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Mohammed Abdul Jawad

1 year ago #4

Thought-provoking poem Dear Debasish Majumder. Truly, the state of mankind is disappointing and weird.

"How external world appears in my purview Out of which I satiate my ambition with amazing hue!" This poem is one of your best dear Debasish Majumder. The lyrics flow without any block.

Debasish Majumder

1 year ago #2

Joel Anderson

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