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Top 5 Common Problems Faced by Small Scale Miners in India and how Gebi Minerals is Helping to rise above them.



Firstly let me explain what Small Scale Mining is - Artisanal / Small Scale mining is generally considered an unauthorised or illegal mining operation although not seriously prevented by the Government mainly because such activities provide at least some sustenance to the local people living below the poverty line. The Government cannot offer regular employment to all of them, but they are also in very hazardous conditions for local people living below the poverty line. 


Gebi minerals have started working in the sector four years back, alongside three partners and 400 small miners; now, gebi minerals are home to unlimited potential to carry out mining activities. 


Gebi Minerals believe in empowering leadership by expanding boundaries of the mines and minerals industry with our Revolutionary outsourcing and M&A service


Five common challenges facing the mining industry 


1. Access to Energy

As resources in some areas become scarce or depleted, companies are forced to push new frontiers of exploration. Depending on what is being mined, this can be more expensive than traditional mining and leave companies more reliant on rental power solutions. 

To reach those resources which remain, mines are increasingly being established in off-grid locations, and their lifecycle is decreasing, meaning it is no longer financially viable to build permanent power infrastructure to service the mine. 

Gebi Minerals is Helping small scale miners raise capital to increase the growth potential and building off-grid power solutions to develop mining infrastructure 


2. Health and Safety

Mining is a Hazardous profession. The traditional occupational hazards such as coal dust inhalation, damage to hearing due to the noise in a mine and chemical hazards still stand. Still, the changing nature of mining has led to a raft of new issues.

As mines are getting more profound, the risk of collapse has dramatically increased. With a rise in surface temperatures and an increasingly unpredictable climate, the temperature of a mine is more likely to fluctuate. As a result, consistent temperature control is even more critical than it had previously been.


Gebi Minerals Believes in the power of safety and solutions for local people working in the sector; hence, the solutions for their safety gears alongside insurance for people working in the industry are provided, which helps the management manage finance better.


3. Access to Capital 

Access and capital allocation are often cited as one of the most significant mining industry issues, especially for juniors.

With the Help of the Gebi Minerals Fundraising solution, flexible finance has become an increasingly popular solution, and it enables mining juniors to continue to push the barriers of exploration. Nervous investors and a lack of access to capital have meant numerous high-profile projects being scrapped, shelved or sent back to the drawing board.  


4. Volatility of commodity prices


Volatile commodity prices make it extremely difficult for companies to plan income and therefore expenditure. Recent disruption in commodity prices has led to many companies having to close down operations or make severe cuts in the size of their workforce.

Gebi Minerals Provides solutions for this by providing Extreme high performance of the workforce while partnering with high profile companies who can afford the keys of the serious force and commodity expenditure. 



5. Environmental footprint

Traditionally a carbon-intensive industry, miners are now looking at ways to reduce their environmental impact more than ever.

One of the significant ways it can do so is by evaluating its energy usage. Remote locations and limited access to local grid infrastructure mean that the mining industry places considerable demand on diesel generation for electricity. However, with recent enhancements in renewable energy, the industry is now seeing the rise of hybrid power solutions for mine site operations. Combining renewables with thermal generation and battery storage, mine sites can now increase efficiency while reducing their carbon footprint and overall costs.

Gebi Minerals can reduce the cost of power, boost production and respond to mine site emergencies throughout every stage of a mine’s life. 


Contact Gebi-Minerals to find out ways to Prevent 5 Ways of losing your money while in the sector of mining. 

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