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People who works a lot

Do you think they only deserve your approval and nod?

He or she feels an urge to create

The only phenomenon continue with a dire urge to reciprocate

The only force to create waves

Human cerebral sways in raves!

Birds and bees

Make tweets and buzzes in reed

Induces myriad creatures to dance

Nature’s music always encourages all in sprightly prance!

Pollination and cross pollination

In nature’s floor makes all lives to express its entity in élan

I wonder who crafts this unique tapestry

What plays the key role of all chemistry!

Whether in equator or in polar

Life struggles to evolve with amazing color

But they all capable to adore nature

Only to acknowledge nature enable to uphold her nomenclature!

Travel to travail

Only emphatically razzle

They are only obsessed to marvel

Nature only facilitates all creatures to excel!

The ecosystem being construed by nature

Centuries long it is admired with adorable glamour

Enabling new to evolve replacing one without rancor

Not knowing myriad is waiting to emerge with splendor!

Our memories short

Though we claim we are superior

Out of all creatures

Having only capacity to take care of others affairs!

Struggling of existence

We declare with malevolence

Failing to adapt with the available circumstances

We tend to write its obituary with grand exuberance!

I wonder out of our arrogant acrimony

Undermining all apart from us with sheer ignominy

Treating all as inferior

How long we take pride of our valor?

In front of nature’s rage

We only experience her acrimonious carnage

Cities and towns, we experience with astound

Washed away from our drafted map

We hardly gauge how we fall into of nature’s gap!

I wonder how we align

To combat nature from her design only to malign

More we unfold the intriguing design of nature

More we astound how insignificant in the whims of nature!


Still we look up nature with awe

More we unveil her enigma and gnaw

More she unfold her Mistry causing only anathema

From electron to atom

How she roams free

How she appears with admirable glee

Sometimes she ensure safety

Sometimes she cause threat to our entity

Yet nature is the only beauty

Sometimes fiendish, sometimes precious gift for eulogy!

If we fail to abide nature’s law

Nature will take its toll without any flaw

It is the nature who enables us to produce and reproduce

Out of which only our continuity adduce!

Going against nature is our inherent trait, we only groove

Production and reproduction is the testimony nature disapprove

But dominance on one against other is nature’s apathy to subscribe

Tribes after tribes thus becoming obliterated from nature’s crafted dice

Causing a hollow in the nature’s texture with an unexpected blow

Few may take immense joy for such ignominious ploy

But alas! Nature is strongly disapproving such pernicious ploy

Wealth in this Earth is all nature’s bounty

Few alone can possess by depriving many with treacherous trajectory

Goal of few cannot be a uniform design

Where many face unbearable pain for limited people’s interests and joy!

I DEDICATE THIS BUZZ TO SIR Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee 

"Birds and bees Make twits and buzzes in reed Induces myriad creatures to dance Nature’s music always encourages all in sprightly prance!" Excellent and thought-provoking piece Debasish Majumder

CityVP Manjit

4 years ago #5

élan is not a word I have heard of before - but now having searched for its meaning, it is a quite fascinating word ! Can you give me some context as to why you chose or thought of this most delightful word.

Ali Anani

4 years ago #4

Dear Debasish Majumder- you spoke my mind and heart with your lyrics "If we fail to abide nature’s law Nature will take its toll without any flaw It is the nature who enables us to produce and reproduce Out of which only our continuity adduce!" I am privileged and honored by your dedication. Thank you my dear friend.

Debasish Majumder

4 years ago #2

Paul Walters

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