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Google Stadia: New Gaming Platform Without Console

Google Stadia: New Gaming Platform Without ConsoleBz 0 udioop) sayy *


Gaming is a booming industry which is growing rapidly, Sony’s PlayStation, Microsoft’s Xbox and Nintendo’s Wii are the mammoths of this industry who have remained unchallenged for quite a while. Google has recently announced its entry into the gaming world with Stadia, a cloud-based gaming environment that will provide cross-platform gaming experience. Google will enable buttons on YouTube in gaming videos for Stadia users to directly play the game on a web browser. The idea of Stadia is pretty amazing but extremely difficult to implement, in this article we will discuss what Google would have done to pull off this web application development.

For running high definition games on web browsers there were a couple of deadlocks that Google had to resolve for providing real-time experience to users. Let’s discuss them one by one and how they resolved it.

Internet Connectivity

Games on Stadia requires fast inputs and responses on the user's end, the biggest problem is how to render small video clips with respect to inputs from UI on the player’s web browser in real time. For this couple of things are required

A load balancer

The load balancer switches the video resolution automatically to provide an uninterrupted video feed to the player.

High-speed internet connection

Only High-speed internet connection can provide an uninterrupted video feed to the player that’s why Google is launching Stadia in developed countries only which have a high-speed data connection in the first phase of this web application.

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