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Guidelines To Develop A Viral Game Like PUBG

Guidelines To Develop A Viral Game Like PUBG

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Develop A Viral
Game Like PUBG

Did you know that the total downloads of PUBG hit 200 million at the end of 2018? Also, it has 30 million daily users just eight months after the game launch.

PUBG, as we all know, is a very famous battle game. It is called the Players Unknown Battle Grounds. Also, only the half version of the game was released during its launch. Within just six months this game created a sensation among gamers. Game developers immediately started looking for ways to know more about it. Everyone showed interest in this game. One of the major attractions here is the real-time gaming effect. 

PUBG is having all the features that were never created before. People loved the unique and exciting game. The creator of the game is Bluehole and is already well-known for developing TERA. Developing a game like this involves a wonderful team that has plenty of new ideas.

How does a mobile game development company deal with these challenges?

Are you a game developer trying to draw ideas from such popular games?

Now how do you create your own game like PUBG?

Keep reading this article to know more.

Success behind PUBG

First, let us know about the influencing factors that created a successful game app like PUBG. This involves strong utility game development. This game created hype in every single person because of its ultimate unique idea. A total of 100 players can participate in it real-time. They use a number of exciting weapons and start fighting on battlegrounds. The one who survives till the end wins. This unique idea got perfectly blended with amazing graphics. Everything on the battleground looks so real and exciting. It also has a set of customizable controls for every player. Such a game was very new to the world. Its real-time connection is earning millions of users to date.

Factors to consider while developing 

All Unity game development involves a lot of planning and research. It is very important to excite customers to make the app famous. There is one unique feature that defines your app as different from the others. To decide this one unique feature it takes time and cost too. As a game developer, you are aware of the recent trends in the field. You must also look for what people will expect next in the coming years. Some common factors that are present in most game development are given here. This will help you work more on the rest of the game development.

1. Game platform

Most games like PUBG or any other fortnite games come under the cross-platform game development. This only earns them a good amount of revenue. Also, users will have a shared platform when it comes to group games. Cross-platform game development definitely costs you a lot. You need to take into account the expenses in all mobile OS platforms. However, the revenue you get in cross-platform is large as there is a wide market. This also puts your app in a better place for competition.

2.Structure of game

Mobile games usually involve a design background, characters, story and setting of the game, etc. A clear and strategic blueprint is laid out before you start developing. You must include a game design or otherwise, it becomes difficult to coordinate in the project. Your mobile game development company can face scope creep. Also, game development in itself is highly vulnerable to scope creep. Decide the game environment, the number of levels, target users, etc. Also, sketch the characters involved and their behavior.

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3.Marketing and testing

A game app needs proper testing before its launch. This is one of the most important steps too. Monetizing your app with advertisements is a way of marketing your product. Ensure that these ads are not too interrupting. Instead, you can engage in social media marketing too. When this is done, run your app for the testing session. Involving the entire team here is essential. Test your app for bugs, slow working, etc before you launch.


When you launch your app on all platforms, make sure you include an exciting description. This description should include your unique feature and you as a developer need to highlight this feature. Also, try adding some videos or pictures that give a clear yet brief idea about the game. Add some suspense to your launch to attract your target users.

Management post launch

You need to increase the excitement with every update. Send push notifications for new updates and keep your users engaged. The most common problem faced is that after some time, these mobile games become outdated. Thus, use MVP to save your game. This will involve a lot of costs even after development. This is essential as you need to retain users and also invite new target users.

Cost and development team

Hiring a potential development team right from the beginning stages is vital. In this stage, there are many discussions and planning to be done. So make sure you have a team that is full of energy and new ideas.

An in-house team for a Mobile Game App Development Companies will include game planners and developers. You will also need a tight management system to supervise the working of this app. Exceptional UI/UX designers are highly essential.

The cost of developing such apps is very high as it involves intense planning and designing. It is both risk as well as a reward in the existing market. You may need 12,000 USD to 25,000 USD to start creating a mobile app. If you wish to create AAA apps, then the development costs go up to 60,000 USD or even more than that.

Wrapping up

Utility game development, when aided with an amazing team, can launch the best games in the market. Every unique idea counts and also your development cost is totally worth the risks. Game development may seem difficult but when you have a clear plan, it becomes simple. You can also break down the development process and assign a budget for each of them. Everyone gets inspired by a game like PUBG. Thus, make sure you analyze such popular games completely before creating one. As a game developer or a game development company, always remember to invest your skills completely.

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