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Here is what you should and shouldn't do during your weekend getaways

Here is what you should and shouldn't do during your weekend getaways

Long weekends are very special and people look forward to taking a small vacation during that small holiday where you and your friends or loved ones travel together to a specific place. Referred to as weekend getaways, this phenomenon is slowly gaining traction amongst this generation’s working professionals and youngsters. While you can choose to travel either by train, bus or flight, one of the most comfortable ways of transport you can choose for your weekend travel is cruises.

However, once the day for weekend getaways arrives passengers are expected to follow certain guidelines. These guidelines exist for the safety of the passengers. If you don't know what you should and shouldn’t do on the ship for weekend getaways, don’t worry, they are:

Weekend trip - Weekend trip

This is what you should do:

Let's begin with things you must do on the cruise ship for weekend getaways:

  • Carry your vaccination certificate:

Cruises sailing on the waters doesn’t mean that the pandemic is over. COVID-19 continues to spread its rampage across the world. So, if you want to board a cruise ship for weekend getaways, first, please inoculate yourself from COVID by taking two doses of the vaccine. If you have taken the vaccine, please make sure to carry the vaccine certificate with your luggage. While boarding the cruise, you are expected to show your certificate to the crew staff.


  • Make sure to carry important toiletries:

Generally, a cruise operator will provide you with a few toiletries for you on the ship. However, it is still better if you could carry certain toiletries if the ones on the cruise don’t suit you. Moreover, there are certain things that you will need to pack. For example, you are preparing for a long weekend trip. While packing, you also add things like your toothbrush and towel. Pack your toothbrush as it might not be available on a cruise, in the case of a towel, it is better for hygienic reasons that you pack your towel.


  • Pack important ID proof:

While entering the ship of weekend getaways, you are expected to present your ID proof to the crew officials. Once you showed the ID cards to the staff, they will thoroughly check them to ensure the details on the card and tickets match. Things like the Aadhar card and other government-issued ID cards can serve as ID proof. Another reason why you shouldn’t forget to carry ID proof is that if you forget to pack them, you will not be allowed to board the cruise.

Weekend getaways - Weekend getaways - : A

This is what you shouldn’t do:

Listed below are a few things you should not do on the ship for weekend getaways:



  • Travel without masks:

As stated earlier, the pandemic is still spreading across the world. So while you are travelling on the cruise ship for weekend getaways, please ensure to pack your masks. Wearing masks and following other COVID protocols ensures that you won’t either contact or spread the virus from or spread to others.


  • Overpack the luggage:

Overpacking is a mistake that all travellers commit. While entering a cruise ship for your weekend getaways, you should ensure that your luggage isn’t very heavy. Please make sure that you have packed things that are required. Moreover, there are various shops on the cruise. So, if you haven’t packed something that you like, you could just go shopping within the ship.


Please follow the guidelines above if you want to enjoy safe weekend getaways. Please get in touch with a cruise operator as soon as possible if you have doubts. Hopefully, you found this article an engaging read.

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