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Hire and build a software development team!

Hire and build a software development team!

How is it going, Tony?



The best way to get software developed faster is to start sooner. But the issue here is not everyone, especially small businesses have a software outsourcing company at their beck and call. So, the question arises, how to hire a dedicated team of software developers? In this article, we talk about the different people involved in software development and what makes them a team. Also, we mention what attributes to look out for in the team composition to hire the right software development team.

Hiring is never an easy task but when it is about hiring a software development team for your custom software needs, it gets even complicated. But, assembling a good team is crucial for the success of any business.

And it generally takes more than two to tango when it comes to software development. You will need a technically sound, flexible and consistent team working as a unit to develop the software of your dreams.

Now, there are various ways in which you can commence your journey towards hiring your dream software team :

[1] Word of mouth i.e. references from people you know

[2] Search on independent third-party portals like Upwork

[3] Scrolling through the directory sites like Clutch or Goodfirms

[4] Organic search on Google

No matter what your source is, we have listed down a list of questions that you absolutely need to ask your potential software developers before hiring your software development team.

Let’s talk about the next step, a little more complex - one that Google cannot help you with. Let’s talk about the different people or roles that are involved in creating a solid base for a good software development team and also making the software that you envision a success.

Business Analyst or Project manager

The project managers role in software development - The first person you come in touch with while hiring a software team is the project manager or the business analyst. They first understand your business requirements, take note of the functionalities and map them.

They then flesh out all the details and translate the requirements into an appropriate technical requirement document or SOW.

A project manager’s role is strategic and involves planning and organizing time and resources to successfully get the job done. The technical architects, developers, designers, testers are all vital resources, but their mutual interaction and project flow need to be coordinated by somebody. So a project manager needs to coordinate the resources, tasks and the people in a proper sequence in minimum time and with maximum efficiency.

Main responsibilities :

[1] Eliciting project requirements and further analysis

[2] Developing necessary documentation

[3] Activity and resource planning

[4] Collaborating and motivating the team

[5] Constant communication with the client

[6] Managing the project’s scope

No matter how demanding or how pocket-sized the project is, make it a point to include a project manager in the software team.

Some of the obvious qualities that you should look for in a project manager is attention to details, very very very clear communication, resource management capabilities, ability to multi-task, leadership qualities and some familiarity with technology platforms. Checklist these skills to separate the good from the great and ensure the project stays on track.






The objective of any good design should be improving the overall user interaction experience and provide maximum customer satisfaction. A designer initially starts with understanding the business flow and the user interaction sequence and then create basic wireframes and solutions according to the user flow.

His main responsibility is to envision the best approach and provide models and designs of the screens so that they can be used to create an optimum experience. They constantly need to work on further improving the user interaction - screens, buttons, and other visual elements.

Main responsibilities :

[1] Understanding full User Journey

[2] Develop wireframes

[3] Design prototype

Good design is not only about aesthetics, but it’s more about user interaction. Check out some live websites that they designed and make sure they have an eye for design and are curious in general. And great communication, of course!

Web Developers

This is divided into two resources - Front end developers and Back end developers.

(a) Front end developers : Once the business requirements are clear and the designs are done, what’s next? Bringing the designs to life. Exactly what front-end developers do! They take the static designs and transform them into a fully functioning interactive web app that works on all devices. HTML/CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, Angular, Aurelia, Bootstrap, Backbone.js etc. are some of the technologies that Front-end developers work with.

Main responsibilities :

[1] Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs

[2] Optimize user interactive elements for maximum speed and scalability

[3] Meaningful semantics that is optimized for SEO

(b) Back end developers : After the designing is done and the user flow is perfect, someone has to make sure that all the business logic and data storage is properly implemented. This is what backend developers do. The back-end is the backbone of any software. It consists of a server, database, and server-side applications. Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, Node.js etc are some technologies that back-end developers work with.

Main responsibilities :

[1] Database creation, integration, and management

[2] Cloud computing

[3] API integration

[4] Security checks

[5] Backup and restore

[6] Releasing new application versions

Look for people that not only write a solid code but are also very good with logic and systems. They must be willing to go the extra mile to make sure your system is robust and perfectly representing your business logic. Also, make sure developers have good communication and task management skills. Lastly, they shouldn’t averse to debugging and bug fixing.






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After fixing all errors

QA and testing specialists

So, business requirements analyzed, the web app designed and developed and now you want to make your web app live! Tempting! Keep calm as now is the time for Quality assurance.

Practically, QA testing should start since the very first deliverable that the software vendor provided to you. As soon as new features are implemented, QA testers diligently and assiduously review the features for issues with business logic or design. This will also help you reduce your software development costs.

Main responsibilities :

[1] Write tests

[2] Conduct test

[3] Test app compatibility with various browsers and devices

QA testers should always keep the user interaction and acceptance in mind and prepare test scenarios accordingly. Someone who is Client-Oriented with attention to details and the ability to prioritize should make a good tester.

-:: Summing up::-

To ensure the success of your web app, get an enterprise application development team that has the capability to manage projects end-to-end. Lead by a project manager, your custom software development team must consist of designers, front-end and back-end developers and Software validators.

The final say on whether your project is a success or not depends on what approach the software development team you hired takes. Take some time to communicate with the software development team and keep up-to-date with the functionalities. Always keep in mind, if you are looking to develop an outstanding product, you're going to need a fabulous team.

Original article :  http://bit.ly/2SCCMPG 

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