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Home Decor and the use of paint


You might think that the best time to choose the painting is at the beginning, but we prefer to choose it at the end, why? It's easier to choose a shade to complement your entire home decor than the other way around. Choose paint samples and compare them to the furniture you have chosen until you find the perfect match.

Color is one of the elements that is most noticeable when you enter a house.

It is a very important part, because the wrong palette or color scheme can spoil the impact of your decorative items.

It is essential to do a test and observe it at several hours of the day depending on the sunlight.

Choose your color palette. If it is difficult for you to decide you can use as a starting point, a painting that you love or for example a carpet.

If you are madly in love with a color, start there. The colors do not necessarily have to match, just complement each other.

Consider your location if you are close to the sea, mountain, or other specific environments, you can also use them as a guide. Warm blue or brown tones can make you feel like, like at home, inside and out.

Paint, paint, paint, it is the most economical way to customize a space. Even if you prefer white, paint a wall that makes a difference.

To check decorative items to go with your paint:

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