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How Cafu Managed to Become Top On-demand Fuel Delivery Service in UAE?

How Cafu Managed to Become Top On-demand Fuel Delivery Service in UAE?What Made

n Cafu a Popular


Fuel Delivery

Doorstep delivery of fuel is not known in many parts of the world. Multiple startups in the United States focus on delivering fuel to the user’s location. Yoshi, Booster, and Filled are some of the few startups working in the US. However, the MiddleEast and the rest of the world have not been that much acquainted with this idea.

Nevertheless, among all the uncertainty, the oil capital of the world UAE has seen fuel delivery startups in the form of “Cafu”.

Cafu currently works in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. And hoping to spread the business across UAE and other top cities of the Middleeast. Let’s dig deeper about Cafu and how it became the Best Fuel delivery service in the MiddleEast.

The Founder and Early Stage of Startup

According to Cafu’s founder Rashid Al Ghurair, the idea was born out of the need to provide efficient fuel delivery to the consumers where they are. Rashid gives all the credits to his years of experience in Oil and gas sector. He also praises the UAE government for being supportive and encouraging technological innovations. He always wanted to add value to the life of the people of UAE. He believes his 12 years of experience and his interest is what made this idea successful.

At the early stage, Cafu delivered mobile fuel to the individuals for their car, and their other vehicles. At present, the startups fill the tanks of not only cars but fleets as well as boats and yachts.

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What Is the Business Model of Cafu?

Presently, this UAE based startup is delivering only fuel to interested consumers. They have not jumped into other services like car-washing and vehicle services.

Cafu works on two models namely, Pay as you go and Subscription basis.

Pay as you go model allows a consumer to pay for the delivery charges of AED18 in addition to the cost of fuel. Cafu offers free delivery for the first fuel order. They want to make customers aware of such quality service and benefits of on-demand gas delivery.

Whereas the subscription model is more affordable and lets the user subscribe to the service for the whole month in just AED26 with unlimited fill-ups per car. The subscription will be renewed automatically.

The company claims that they charge the same as any fuel station charges for the fuel. Consumers only have to pay for delivery. So it is up to the user to decide which is a suitable option for them. Going to the gas station or more convenient doorstep delivery?

How Does Cafu Work?

Cafu is made for rendering the most convenient and seamless experience to the end-users. In fact, it succeeds in what it promises.

To successfully order a fuel, one should pin their location followed by selecting their vehicle and the time window. Decide on fuel type and confirm the order. The fuel will be delivered to the doorstep on a decided time by the professional drivers. Pay for the order through credit cards or debit cards through the app.

If you are not at your car location and doing your important work, just keep the fuel tank's cap open, rest will be taken care of by the driver.

You can also schedule your order as per your convenience.

Future Plan of Cafu

Currently, the service is getting the attention of a larger section of the audience in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. The startup has added a new service for the yacht or boat owners. Apart from that, Cafu promises to deliver its services to indoor and outdoor locations across the UAE.

On top of that, the company is looking forward to leveraging Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning to provide a smooth and exciting experience to attract more customers.

Undisturbed with the Growing Trend of Electric Vehicles

Rashid, the founder of Cafu, is confident about the future of the business. He feels that a lot of articles have claimed about the availability of the hydrocarbon-based fuel and how it would be continuing to be useful till 2040. he believes regardless of the growth in the Electric car technology, it has some logistical and infrastructure challenges to solve first in developing counties. So electric vehicles have still some time to get its toehold.

So he is optimistic about his fuel delivery business and its coming days.

Last words!

Since the oil and gas industry has witnessed a great breakthrough in the upstream sector, the downstream sector is also craving for the revolution. By starting on-demand fuel delivery service, Cafu has paved a road for a streamlined experience. It has taken a step to reduce maddening queues that happened at the petrol pumps. Which is inspiring and groundbreaking!

Only time will tell that will Cafu be the only fuel delivery service in the UAE or it would get some competition from new startups!

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Thanks for the shared information about on demand fuel delivery service.

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