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How Can Votiko Call Center Services Help Increase Sales?

How Can Votiko Call Center Services Help Increase Sales?

Successful businesses recognise that the fundamental goal of a call centre is to keep consumers from defecting to the competitor. This entails both providing service and fixing problems for callers, as well as selling to them.

Even the most well-run businesses, however, frequently struggle to generate sales through their call centres. When you consider that callers are mostly looking for answers to concerns and solutions to issues, this widespread issue makes sense. Companies that optimise their call centres for sales, on the other hand, have a lot of potential for higher profitability and client loyalty.

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How Can Votiko Call
Center Services Help
Increase Sales?


Improve the efficiency of your system and processes.

The average call centre discussion lasts between four and six minutes, depending on the industry. The IVR system must work effectively during this period, and the call centre operator must be able to answer the customer’s demands. If one step of the process fails, or if a call is merely unresolved, the potential of a sale is lost. One sobering fact to consider for any organisation is that at least 15% of customers who do not have their calls resolved will switch to another company. And on average, these customers will tell five other people about their bad experience.

Before any firm can start looking into ways to increase sales at the call centre level, it must first guarantee that calls are handled as efficiently and effectively as possible. The customer experience must be high enough to keep the consumer delighted and engaged, from the auto-attendant greeting and instructions to the length of time the customer waits in an on-hold queue. A potential transaction is lost once a customer becomes annoyed by an overly complicated IVR system or has to wait on hold for 10 minutes.

In many circumstances, investment is required to get a call centre to the point where it can offer products and services effectively. To cut down on-hold times, more people may be needed. These employees will require extensive training. To make it easier for callers to contact departments or use other self-help capabilities, an improved IVR system or the addition of an advanced integrated solution like call back software may be required. These expenditures, on the other hand, are sound business decisions, especially if they lay a solid foundation for bettering service and facilitating sales.


Captivate Your Captive Audience’s Attention

After you’ve set up your system and hired your team, the next stage is to look for ways to educate and motivate your callers. This begins with ensuring that your IVR system recordings, particularly on-hold messages, are sufficiently informational to entice callers to want to learn more.

It’s surprising how few businesses consider on-hold time to be excellent selling time. Consider that for a moment. You have the caller’s full attention. You have the option of irritating them with low-quality elevator music or piqueing their interest in a new product or an unique offer. Which do you believe has a better chance of resulting in a sale?


Cross-sell and upsell

Cross-selling and upselling products and services may be the strongest sales prospects for call centre salespeople. Representatives can be trained to sell add-ons that make sense as part of the sale if your inbound call centre is currently collecting sales orders. It’s all about teaching kids how to place orders rather than just taking them.


Return for the Sale

There may be possibilities to promote related items or services after a service call has been successfully resolved. Following up after a conversation gives you an excellent opportunity to suggest items or services that are relevant to the call’s objective.

For example, if a consumer calls a tech support number because their printer isn’t working, they’ll get troubleshooting assistance. The customer is satisfied if the call was successfully resolved, but they are aware that problems do occur. This could be a great time to upsell them on a maintenance package that would cover any future issues.

Consider why your consumers are calling and how you might inform them of something that will be of special interest to them. This can be done via phone, email, or text message, and the more tailored it is to their needs, the more likely the sale will be made.


Display Your Appreciation

Customers must be treated with respect. Basic courtesy, such as expressing gratitude for their business and using the words please and thank you, can have a favourable impact on a customer. It’s lot easier to ask a customer to consider making a purchase after they’ve received this level of care. Appreciation can be incorporated into recorded messages, scripts, and even follow-up emails sent following a call.

Making a sale isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’s a long-term process of developing a relationship that grows more fruitful as trust and respect are established.

For many businesses, call centres are the first point of contact. It’s only natural to evaluate their enormous sales potential. You may discover an amazingly efficient and successful approach to earn more money by taking the time to truly build a service and sales-driven caller experience.

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