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How can you make the UI design for apps more likable?

How can you make the UI design for apps more likable?DESIGN

The market for mobile apps is growing every day at a high pace. Every business would want to restructure their app's performance to stay on the top. One of the salient factors accelerating the success of an app is the User Interface.

The little aspects constitute the major attention of the users. These are the varied details of the app that are not so visible at once but hold a major significance. This is why implementing the best techniques in designing the User Interface of your app is very important.

The significance of a good UI design is high; it drives the users towards your app. It also forms a perspective about the business in the minds of the users, and that is what remains.

Check out this blog and know about some of the most important tips that as an app development company, you should keep in mind to make your app stand out from the competitors in the market.

Techniques to follow while building User Interface Design

  • Know your Audience

An app is always designed for a particular targeted audience. Before you set yourself on what you are going to input in your app, have an insight into who you are designing it for.

Their wants and needs should be the first thing known to you. Knowing what they require will help you vocalize where your focus should lie.

Execute an in-depth research, so as to come to a conclusion about their expectations from the app. This, in turn, would help you understand how the users access your interface. If you do not pursue this, rather than attracting your users, it will only push them away further.

  • Simplicity is the Best Element

Every user has their own taste, and you can never really design an app that satisfies everyone's individualistic demands. This is where you can implement the factor of simplicity in your app.

No matter what the type of app you are designing, simple and elegant elements would always go a long way. What soothes the eye, attracts the attention, and caters a higher retention.

  • Prioritize & Set a Hierarchy

Not everything on an app holds similar significance. It is up to the mobile app development companies to persist the users to be attracted towards some elements. This can be accomplished by highlighting the elements that hold the primary importance so that they become visually appealing.

This is where you can show your creativity. Use unexpected & unique designs to highlight the important elements that break the consistency. The users would automatically be diverted there, and as a reflexive action, they would notice that.

  • Be Predictable

Being predictable does not specifically mean that your app would be boring or monotonous. Over the years, a pattern has been formed in the minds of users regarding some steps on an app. For instance, when you open a product on an e-commerce app, the next thing that would appear is its details.

Now, if you change that design, in a hope to make your app more creative and different, that would just end up confusing your users. Not only will it confuse them, it would also be hard for them to cope up with that change. And on an average, not many users devote the time in understanding the working of an app deeply. So, in this one case, it is better to be indifferent!

  • Eliminate the use of Confusing Buttons

If a person is visiting your app for the first time, it is evident that they are a blank slate and have no clues about the interface. It would take them some time to understand the functioning of the app.

But the problem is, users, get distracted very easily & that are a basic human nature. This poses a threat as if a user needs to spend even five minutes in understanding how your app works; they would rather prefer to close it.

For situations like this, if you use confusing buttons to navigate the users from one location to another on the app, chances are they would get confused and simply close the app and switch to some other app! Which is why, always prefer using elements that do not require any understanding, and are very clear and precise.

  • Appropriate Visuals

On a subconscious level, every user would prefer a comfortable experience on an app. The first aspect that would help in achieving that is the correct visuals. This includes-

- The font and its size you are choosing

- The theme color of your app

- The animation of the visual elements

The genre of every app is different, and you should base the elements accordingly. But the one thing that remains constant is the psychology of the users. Adhering to that psychology would prove to be better for the app. Balance all the elements and their combinations, make it as soothing and contextual as possible.

  • An Interactive Design is Better

Feedback and interactivity are very important for an app as they keep the users engaged. Suppose, a page on your app is loading, and a message regarding that instantly pops up on the screen. Or, if a user is filling out some information, and mistakenly does something wrong, a message notifies them of that mistake.

Keeping them informed at every step would make the users feel more connected towards your app.

  • Don't Forget the Guidelines:

Even though the app development companies have the decisive power to input the features they want in the app, there still are some guidelines that need to be followed. Experimentations are good, but some features are better if they stay constant. Both Play Store and App Store perform a check on apps before allowing them on the stores, so it's better to fall in the criteria set by them!


Design the interface of the app in a way that it is functional on multiple platforms. Don't restrict it to either Android or Apple, rather maximize the compatibility to a large range of devices.


Being one of the most prominent and deciding factors for the success or failure of an app, it is evident that the UI requires a lot of scrutinizes. The level of competition in the app market is surprisingly high. If you want to jump on the top, base your UI design services on these techniques. More than anything, you will have the assurance that your users will love the app!

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