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How Cartridge filter housing can be useful for a RO Membrane



NO Scaling Substances ZERO
On RO Membrane Maintenance Cost


Cartridge Filter
Cartridge Filter=No Scaling+Zero Maintenance

There can be Various filtration systems installed inside a Reverse Osmosis plant. Starting from pre-filters to the final post-filters. The pre-filters are nothing but the water filter housing or cartridge filter housing whose role is significant in terms of boosting the efficacy, quality of raw water, and most importantly the longevity for a RO plant and its RO membrane.

The RO membrane no doubt is one of the powerful components of a RO plant but then also it is experimentally proved by our Pearl water experts that an installation of water filter housing or Cartridge Filter housing can be a life-saver for a RO membrane and can adversely improve its ability to produce more pure water or crystal clear water. Let’s discuss how?

How cartridge filter housing can be useful for a RO Membrane?

By Saving the RO membrane from scaling or fouling

Like a normal human gets caught with fever and cold now and then. Similarly, a RO membrane inside a RO plant also faces the same issue while filtering the raw water rich in contaminants in various forms. In the case of a Normal human, it is fever and cold but for a RO membrane it is Scaling and fouling on membrane surfaces causing severe performance deterioration to the different layers of the membrane and that apparently affects the taste and odor of the final product water.

Wants to get a solution to this for your industry or home? Straightforwardly install water filter housing inside your Reverse Osmosis plant to get rid of unnecessary membrane replacement and impure water.

The raw water pumped from the ground consists of various contaminants in various shapes and sizes. The contaminants that are so tiny get absorbed on the surface layers of the membrane but the larger particles like harmful chemicals and pollutants face difficulty to pass through the layers and that henceforth provokes scaling and fouling substances to form on the membrane surfaces. These substances are nothing but corrosion that adversely affect the quality in terms of permeate water and lifespan of the RO membrane. Here the cartridge filter housing makes the work easier for a RO membrane by removing the larger contaminants from the raw water and then allowing it to pass through the membrane layers to do the rest part of the job done. This can ensure crystal clean water without turbulence till the ideal lifespan of the RO membrane which can 3-4 years if brought from a reliable manufacturer like Pearl Water.

By reducing the excessive maintenance cost causes by RO membrane

Generally, Industrial RO Membrane is considered to be one of the costlier units of a reverse osmosis plant. The best quality DOW RO membrane whose lifespan is 3-4 years ideal for a 1000 lph Ro plant and above can cost you around $465 if purchased directly from an industrial manufacturer like Pearl Water.

If scaling substances caused due to bad quality feed water continuously troubles the membranes, then it may affect its efficacy and lifespan leading to extra maintenance or replacement costs in 6-12 months duration.

How to overcome such circumstances?

Again, installing a 20-inch cartridge filter housing or water filter housing inside a 1000 lph Ro plant could be a wise decision to get rid of extra maintenance costs. The cost of a 20-inch cartridge filter is less than $8 from one of the leading industrial manufacturers Pearl Water.

So, isn’t it wise to invest less than $8 for your Industrial RO membrane and enjoy the best efficient results in terms of best quality raw water and zero maintenance cost till 3-4 years? The rest decision is yours.

The combination of Cartridge filter housing and RO membrane for any industrial Reverse Osmosis plant is definitely a life-saver for your System. Buy the best quality DOW and TORAY RO Membrane, Water filter cartridge from Pearl Water at affordable prices based on your industrial requirements.  Reach out to us at (+91)958-221-5137 or for any queries or concerns.

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