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How do I choose the right dental clinic for a dental implant in Chennai?


Many do not care about missing or extracted teeth. This could cost you a lot. Missing teeth can cause the nearby teeth to wear off sooner due to overuse. For decades, dentures and traditional bridges were the only options available for lost teeth. They are considered inconvenient to use and demand good maintenance. Do you know that they are not the only options available in restorative dentistry anymore? There are novel and sophisticated dental treatments called dental implants nowadays. This article gives you information about dental implants and how to find the best dental clinics for implants in Chennai.

 What are Dental Implants?

 Dental implants are artificial teeth roots that are fixed to the jaws of a person to hold fixtures like artificial teeth, bridges, etc. These artificial teeth or bridges can be permanent or removable and replaceable.

 The Treatment Procedure

 Every treatment plan is unique as individual needs are different from each other. The patient is analyzed carefully and a thoroughly customized treatment plan is devised by an efficient team of dental professionals. Next, the dental implant which is nothing but a titanium post that acts as an artificial tooth root is fixed in the place of the missing tooth. The jawbone and the gums around the post heal and secure it safely. After a period of ten to twelve weeks, the crown or the artificial tooth is screwed to the post with the help of a connector called an abutment. This new tooth is designed as per the measurements taken by the dentist during the treatment.

 Who can undergo dental implants treatment?

 A person with good gum health can get dental implants treatment. Any disorders like diabetes, etc., need to be monitored and kept under control before this treatment. Dental implants are seldom painful. If the patient experiences any discomfort during the treatment, local anaesthesia and over-the-counter analgesics are used to ease their pain.

 How to find the best dental clinics for implants in Chennai?

 Make sure the dental clinic you choose has all the required technology for dental implants. Kalaa Dental Care is one of the best dental clinics for implants in Chennai. They are a group of qualified and highly experienced dentists who provide painless and quality dental implant treatments. For more details, visit

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