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How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Instagram For IOS Platform?

How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Instagram For IOS Platform?


Amongst different success stories regarding apps and websites, one of the main names would be Instagram. The app has quickly become one of the leading names in the social media fronts.

There is a pretty big progression in this particular video and photo sharing platform. So, it is now a very popular and strong platform for connecting with the audience all over the world.

It doesn’t come off as a surprise that Instagram has been receiving a lot of popularity and response from the people. Within a few months, there are about 1 million users that have a registration with the app. However, after 2012, Instagram became one of the most popular apps in the country.

It is also an expectation that the Instagram users numbers will increase up to about 1000 million in a couple of years from now.

The Popularity of Instagram App Amongst People

One exemplary reason why Instagram has experienced growth is that the app comes along with a lot of interesting features and services which are really great for the people.

The app provides communication features along with personalized options as well. However, the main function of the app is to provide promotions to the businesses and the marketing companies.

With the help of the application, the businesses are able to reach a lot of people at the same time. Since the user list for Instagram is increasing at a fast pace, there is a bright future for Instagram users.

After knowing these key facts and insights, the best iPhone app developers want to develop an application like Instagram. There are many apps which are common like Instagram but none have the amazing benefits that the app provides.

Making An App Like Instagram

Well, in order to make an app like Instagram, there are certain things that should be kept in mind. There are some functionalities and features that people need to follow.

So, with that, the cost estimation with Instagram clone can be a bit easier to handle.

The basic nature of the platform of Instagram is to provide facilities for the people to upload the videos and images. Users will also be able to edit these videos with the help of the filters.

Also, there are some features to tag a particular location and public sharing too. The users will be able to access different accounts and follow them. Apart from that, people can also add a lot of content whenever they want to.

To put in simple words, to make an Instagram clone, one needs to add these features for sure. These are the features that would provide the basic gist to Instagram like application.

There is also a message feature on Instagram which came in 2015 and it is really beneficial to the people as well.

Features To Add In An Instagram-Like Application

In order to design an app like Instagram, one needs to pay attention to the features that are provided by the app. Here are some of the features that an app like Instagram might contain.

The developers need to pay attention to these features in order to have the best benefits for their applications.

  • Custom Designed Filters

The users will be able to put different filters on their images with the help of this particular feature. The images and the videos will turn out to be a lot better when the users are using this particular feature. Hence, it is an important feature for the apps.

  • Social Integration

The visional and practical levels of the application become a lot better with this amazing feature that people might include.

  • Foursquare Photos

With the help of this particular feature, the people can check their photos in different options. Foursquare is also a very important feature for users who want different dimensions for their photos.

With that, the sharing of pictures also becomes a lot easier.

  • Scalability

There are no issues with the flexibility of the application. The design is simple and effortless as well. There is much responsibility for the app from the people.

So, these are some of the most important features that people need to follow in order to create an app like Instagram. There is not a single speck of doubt about the fact that it is going to be an eventful app for sure. Follow all these tips and add these features for the best iPhone app development.

How Much Does iPhone Instagram App Development Cost?

The cost of developing an application like Instagram can vary from one platform to another one. The apps which are for the iOS platforms are the ones that focus mostly on the programming part.

So, the cost will vary according to the devices which are in use. However, the basic cost would be easy to decipher. The cost might come between $6000 and $70000 in total based on the features used in it.


Well, for iPhone application development, the process is very detailed for sure. Hence, there is no doubt that you need to add all the features and functions that are important. With the increase of popularity for Instagram, people will try more and more to develop apps that have similar features and functions.

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