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How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Ruby On Rail App Like Air BNB

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Ruby On Rail App Like Air BNB

How much does it cost to develop a

Ruby on Rail app like Air BNB


With a busy and active lifestyle, it is difficult to spend quality time browsing places for accommodation. There are hundreds and thousands of people who leave their native for special events, conferences, and official get-together. Everyone needs a temporary home-like shelter in an unknown place. Stay at the expensive hotel may be heart shivery no matter how much comfortable you gain. And this has now insisted many people to rent their private houses and apartments for a home living space at a reasonable price. But it may not be always easy for everyone to get genuine customers.

What is striking your mind?

Yes, you are right this can lead anyone to think about the Airbnb app. No matter you want to earn or you want to pay, the app like Air BNB has made thing much easier than ever before. Which is one of the common reasons causing, the most mobile application development company in India to take up a similar project? If you are one of them who are planning to hit the market with the next amazing app like Air BNB here are a few basic things you must be aware of.

Before you start with your way towards the app development like Air BNB you need to know about Ruby on Rail. As Ruby on Rail was used to develop such a heart-winning app, if you want to develop an app like this, first get yourself hooked to Ruby on Rail.

What is Ruby on Rail exactly?

Ruby on Rails is one of the best development tools of this era which has been successful to render the majority of the web developers. The robust framework "rail" is more like a backbone to the developers that allow them to get the best out of their hard work. And "ruby" is no doubt a credit to the Rail framework. It being a well-fledged programming language has helped the developers to reach the end-users with no complication. Moreover, it allows the developers to build a CRUD app, and deploy in a single day: Create, Read, Update and Delete. And this is how Air BNB was developed overnight, which turned Brain and Joe up to earn millions now. 

Why Ruby on Rail?

To develop an app like Air BNB, you would naturally want to know how ruby on rail has made this app so appealing and productive.

The great success of Air BNB represents how Ruby on Rail had filled gaps between the developer's Brain and Joe and the user which no other apps has yet been able to achieve. It's a low budget great accomplished package as they started from zero and landed to millions.

It not only helped them to get an escape from the long codes but also replaced it with the secure, customizable environment for all the components of abstraction.

The steps ahead:

Ruby on Rail is a well known open source framework; it is free of cost, which is the best thing any developer could get.

But Before investing dozens of dollars, you must also know how it works and what features you should add to make your app all the more appealing and 'wanted.'  Knowing that cloning an Air BNB like the website is full of hurdles and hectic, especially when you are cloning a ruby website for the first time. We have spent quality time to research, analyze and write an article to get you started with your rental marketplace. So, scroll down and get started:

1. Basic Steps

Developing a peer-to-peer site takes time and effort. Hope you have patience. As you know, every e-commerce site starts with some necessary steps; your rental website also begins at the required level. Here is what you will need and how long does it take.

Project set up, API implementation, creating a database model, libs implementation, etc. It takes approximately 70 hours to complete the basic model, and it costs $ 2450 to $ 2650.

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Hemendra Singh

2. Registration

The registration process is essential for a user to get started. The user can access the website once they agree with the terms and condition of the site. It takes just 12 hours to implement the registration model. You will have to spend $600 on this model.

3. Personal profile

As there are two types of personal profiles, you need to create host and guest profiles. It includes details like full name, birth date, residence, contact details, Email address, personal description, etc. You can also add optional information tab.  Implementation of this model requires $800.

4. Filters

A registered user has two options. If a user registered as a host, he can add his private house, apartments, etc. Meanwhile, a guest can browse for a perfect host.  A host can add details like room type, house type, place of locations, a picture of apartments, price, accommodation, etc.

Having registered a guest can use a variety of filters and can adjust the same to choose the best host. A guest can determine the number of guests, check-in, check-out dates, place to visit, etc. Being a guest user, you can select the best room by adjusting the price range, amenities, neighborhoods, etc. you can enjoy full rights to choose your living room like the shared room, private room, entire home or apartment.

This type of app lets people invite their friends to get together. For implementing this part, you will have to spend $1200 and a day.

5. Add to Favorites

You might have seen this feature in most of the sites. With this feature, the user can add some features to favorites so that they can look again & make use of it. Well, it just needs $550 for implementing this model within 11 hours. 

6.  Translate Features

Whenever a user starts the search, it will be translated into their mother tongue automatically. The user can easily see the descriptions in their language. This way, your app will provide a better user experience. Without having to create a translator app, you can implement this feature by incorporating the Google Translator into this plugin. Therefore, it will be around $200 to include this model.

7. Message

You should incorporate other features like Message, Guide, and Map, etc. These features will guide the user. The host and guest can communicate to know each other needs. Creating a messaging platform takes 30 – 40 hours and you need to spend $1500.  The setting menu requires payment gateway, push & SMS notifications, wishlist, etc. To create settings menu, you may have to pay $1000 to any Top Android app developers.

8.  Backend

Developing a server-side part and connecting your site to the back end is the essential part. For Air BNB like the website, the back-end development takes $300. It requires 600 hours. 


These are the rough estimation of the application. After analyzing each feature, we conclude that the average cost to develop an app like Air BNB with Ruby on Rail is around $56,000

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