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How Much Matrimonial Website Development Cost in India?

The advent of the world wide web has modernised the world completely. It has advanced the ways we do business and provided us with a variety of options in every walk of life. Matrimonial websites are one of the great revolutions of the internet.  

How Much Matrimonial Website Development Cost in India?

Gone are the days when parents had to travel from one place to another just to find a suitable partner for their children. But, with the risen popularity of matrimonial websites, parents no longer need to travel from one place to another. 

The matrimonial website script will provide them with the complete information of thousands of suitable brides or grooms from across the country. For instance, the website will provide information such as educational qualification, work status, family background, hobbies & interest and so on. Along with this essential information, you can also see the photo of a suitable bride or groom on the website. 

The matrimonial website will eliminate the need for a marriage broker, hence, you will be able to contact the bride or groom directly. Owing to such impressive features, matrimonial websites gained massive acceptance among every part of India. 

If you also want to develop a matrimonial website to make a profit from this highly growing industry, the first and foremost thing that comes to mind is matrimonial website development cost. 

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How Much Matrimonial Website Development Cost in India?

Several factors can affect matrimonial website development cost in India. Some of these factors are as follows:

1. Functions

The first and foremost thing to determine the cost of the matrimonial website development is the functions you need to integrate with the website. Functions are directly proportional to the cost, which means the more function you add, the more you have to pay. 

2. Design

The design also adds great value to the matrimonial website development cost. The design is the first your users will notice, hence; it requires foremost attention. If you want a cost-effective, then you can opt for the matrimonial website scripts. These scripts will not only reduce the development cost but also fasten the development process. However, if you want a custom design for your matrimonial website, then you might have to pay a higher amount depending on the complexity of the website design. 

3. Development Company

The matrimonial website development cost also varies from company to company. If you opt for a US-based development company then you have to pay around $150-$200 per hour. However, if you opt for an India-based development company, then you might reduce a significant amount of development cost, as Indian developers will cost you around $60-$100 per hour. 

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Considering the above factors, then a matrimonial website design will cost you around INR 2,00000 to INR 3,00000. Remember the fact, this is just an estimated cost, the actual website development can go down or up depending on your requirements. 

Winding Up

As said, the popularity of the matrimonial website is on a boom in India. A large population of India uses this application to find their suitable life partner. 

If you also want to design your own matrimonial website, then you shouldn’t wait for long, consult with a web development company in India and turn your idea into reality. 

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