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How Organizations Can Save Their Time and Be More Productive Using Mobile Device Management Solution

Running a business in today's modern environment comes with an important task that involves managing technology; the use of smartphones, tablets, and laptops is quite basic for any business regardless of the industry. Businesses need to manage and secure these devices for smooth flow of work as employees utilize these devices to access resources that are saved in the cloud.

This innovating technology which is essential for businesses to thrive comes with challenges like upgrading, malfunctions, data theft/loss, update applications/tools, and regular maintenance of enterprise devices. Moreover, different models of devices run on different OS versions and platforms which adds complexity in maintenance.


IT admins needed different software to manage and configure different types of devices which is time-consuming and degrade worker efficiency. The outdated method of relying on IT admins to manually manage all these tasks can result in longer than necessary waiting time. The most ideal approach to manage technology is to empower businesses with the help of a cloud-based mobile device management solution. From one web-based portal, IT admin/owners/managers can monitor and manage a fleet of devices across the enterprise regardless of their location. Considering benefits to organizations, it's hard to remember life before MDM. 

Employees are now allowed to bring their own device at work and use it for work purposes too which is a cost-saver for the business, employees can work on their preferred OS, device model, and access apps/tools using these devices. By allowing these personal devices to connect enterprise data and applications, means putting security at risk regardless of who purchased or owns the device; IT admins need to make sure that by accessing enterprise data on personal employee devices don't end up in loss or such a situation where they'd need to rectify all their efforts for no reason. This is where Mobile Device Management Solution like GridMDM comes into the picture, GridMDM is an AI-driven MDM solution that not only secures devices but also prevents malware attacks. With such a solution businesses can:

  • Remotely publish essential application/tools on devices
  • Blacklist websites that are not necessary
  • Set device lock time so that the device automatically gets locked after inactivity
  • Change peripheral settings(Disable Wifi, Bluetooth)
  • Run devices in kiosk mode and disable hardware buttons
  • Set geo-fence location to get notified if the device is out of the location that's set

How Does MDM Help Save You Time?

Bulk enrollment of devices allows admins to configure and publish applications, device settings on fleet of devices using various methods of enrollment such as: QR-based enrollment, Android Zero-Touch Enrollment or by sending invite to employees. This not only saves time by enrolling devices in bulk but also allows employees to use devices straight from the box that has all their enterprise applications and settings preconfigured from a web-based console. Even when new employees are joining the organization, the admin can simply add the device details in a predefined group and allow the employee to use the device. 

Prior to MDM, troubleshooting issues remotely was time-consuming and a hectic task to do. Particularly when the troubleshooting is done over the phone or on a video call is simply not efficient. MDM allows admins to control the devices directly from any remote location and solve the problem with ease. MDM software is easy to set up, all that an admin needs to do is enroll devices in bulk, publish configurations remotely(which can be done at the time of enrollment too). All this can be done from a central dashboard that allows admins to have a birds-eye view on every device, be it company-owned or personal devices. 

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