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How to build a Digital Gaming Platform Like Zed Run ?

Zed Run is a most popular digital NFT Horse racing gaming Platform , where anyone can race on digital tracks and collect any one kind of horse. You can use thousands of dollars to increase your stable and breed any championship bloodlines.


How To Use The Zed Run Platform ?

Step 1 : Create A Meta Mask Wallet 
Step 2 : Transfer the ETH to MetaMask
Step 3 : Make your own Account on Zed Run
Step 4 : Wrapping your ETH 
Step 5 : Buy the horse on the Zed Run Platform.

Choose the Horse based on the attributes such as bloodline, genotype, and coat color which makes them unique and can affect the performance of specific horses and future offsprings.

Now in the NFT craze, any business people bAny Business Person can quick start their own NFT Gaming Platform like Zed Run with Zed Run Clone Script.

Zed Run Clone Script

Zed Run Clone Script is a readymade NFT Gaming Marketplace Script with which anyone can launch their own NFT Gaming Platform like Zed Run. Zed Run Clone Script, a highly customizable & completely tested NFT Marketplace website Script inherited with all the features and plugins like Zed Run platform that provides the end-users an unbeatable digital horse racing experience.

Features of Our Zed Run Clone Script

The platform launched using our Zed Run Clone Script allows you to buy your first Zed horse and you can participate in the game called racing. There are different classes and paid races are also present to make the gaming more interesting.

NFT Marketplace
Lets users to transfer, buy, sell and exchange nonfungible tokens(NFTs) by playing instore gaming. NFTs are the gaming rewards in those NFT Gaming Platforms like Zed Run.

The feature that lets us build a future for NFT horse racing on the platform, being an integral part of the Zed Run Clone Platform. Genesis horses and genotypes play a vital role inbreeding.

Our platform has attributes for horses such as bloodline, genotype, gender, coat and more. These attributes make the horses unique and the performance of future offspring as well.

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