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How To Create Your Own DeFi Protocol Like Uniswap?

As Uniswap, a popular protocol is making huge revenue in recent days and being a note-worthy decentralized protocol in the DeFi space, many crypto entrepreneurs have an idea of launching their own protocol like Uniswap.

Clone Script


It's not so tough to create your own DeFi open-source protocol like Uniswap and it is one of the best business choices one can make in this time to become a millionaire. As Uniswap is getting more exposure after the launch of its own UNI token and accounts for about 38,000 daily active users who swap their tokens on Uniswap, it is the right time for anyone to launch their own DeFi protocol like Uniswap.

What Is UNI Token?

Up To now, Uniswap had offered 400 UNI to certain users who had used Uniswap Services previously, through running an airdrop.
Uniswap has decided to offer users a way to earn UNI tokens through skating tokens in particular liquidity pools in the near future.
As this UNI token is the Governance Token of Uniswap, any UNI holder can influence, vote for any development decisions on Uniswap protocol.

Any investor can buy this UNI token on any exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Huobi, Uniswap, and more. This token is experiencing fast success, by being in the top 50 coin listings soon after the launch.

Many Cryptopreneurs out there are willing to kick start their own DeFi platform like Uniswap because of its massive success, By making use of Uniswap Clone Script , any budding cryptopreneur can start their own platform instantly and easily.                                                            

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