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How to decorate a house with Glass Candle Holders Online for the New Year

Glass Candle Holders Online

Classic New Year's decor with Glass Candle Holders Online, fluffy spruce, balls, beautifully wrapped gifts, and garlands. If this is not enough to create a festive atmosphere, candles help out - they add coziness and create a sense of magic. I will share ideas for simple, budgetary, and safe decor.

Put on the New Year's table

Buy Scented Soy Candle and add special charm and mystery to New Year's Eve, so we use them in setting the festive table.

You can use apples as candlesticks: just cut off the bottom, remove the core and insert the candles. This composition will be beautifully complemented by branches of a Christmas tree or ivy.

Original candlesticks can be obtained from wine glasses if you put small Christmas balls in them and gently turn them over. On the base of the glass, you need to put a "column" candle of any height or a flat candle in a metal sleeve.

Another decor option is a composition with candles, which will become the central decoration of the festive table. It will require a dish of any shape, balls, spruce twigs, red rowan berries, cones, nuts, cotton boxes, dried orange slices and other festive elements. Place candles in the center of the dish spread balls of different diameters or any other decor around.

Place on windowsills and even on the floor

If the house has free space on the windowsill or above the fireplace, you can put their Pillar Candle Holders in different heights, fancy shapes, and any diameter. They will be complemented by figurines of animals or New Year's heroes, twigs, berries, and another decor that matches the color.

Beautiful compositions with candles on a platter can be placed on the floor. Tall candlesticks, vases on high legs, or a transparent cylindrical shape will also look great there.

pillar candle stand containers with décor

pillar candle stand in tall transparent glasses look romantic. Can be poured into a container of water and filled with flower buds, spruce twigs, and cones, dried citrus slices, cinnamon sticks, berries, beads, and glitter. 

Instead of water, jelly is suitable, then very light objects can be placed in the glasses at the same time and they will not fall to the bottom. Not only regular colorless gelatin is suitable but also colored fruit jelly. Dissolve it in water and pour it into glasses. While the jelly is not frozen, place miniature Christmas tree decorations, large beads, sequins, and another decor in it. When the liquid thickens, it will hold the jewelry in place and prevent it from floating or drowning. You can put candles on top.

Place in jars and flower pots

Budgetary and at the same time original decor - candles in ordinary glass jars, which many have at home. To make them look elegant, the necks can be tied with ribbons, and small balls, cones, stars, and snowflakes can be hung on them. Artificial snow and pebbles, cones, colored sand, or beads look good at the bottom of the can. Thin tulle can be placed around the jars for airiness.

Transparent vases of various shapes are always an excellent basis for decoration. It is enough to place a candle inside and sprinkle nuts around it: if the container is large - walnuts, if small - hazelnuts and almonds.

You can even use flower pots: if they are not very beautiful on the outside, burlap or plain fabric and a beautiful ribbon will fix the situation. If you put a piece of floral sponge in a pot, you can stick live spruce twigs into it for decoration, spread the moss. The diameter and height of the candle should be selected depending on the size of the container.

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