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How To Detox from Negativity

How To Detox from Negativity


I used to pride myself on being a positive person but was surprised to note just how much my mind was tuned to pessimism, worry and negativity. At a joyshop conducted by my teacher Nithya Shanti, I was introduced to the practice of saying "Cancel Cancel Cancel" whenever I had a negative thought. It helped me to push negative thoughts away, bringing me back to the present moment. 

I used to practice looking in the mirror every time I washed my face or shaved, repeating that I am always grateful for everything, even something as small as receiving water in my tap. Often, when we ask someone to not do something, just the usage of the word or sentence starting with 'don't' makes the brain imagine the thing to negate it as the brain doesn't understand how not to do something without creating an image of how to do it. Conditioning the mind to focus more on the positives than worry about the negatives can help to a large extent. Replace the word 'don't' with what you want more of. 

The shift from victimhood to warrior hood (taking charge of a situation) is easier said than done, but not impossible. Pastor Will Bowen suggests that 21 days without complaining can help you get rid of the habit, bringing about a significant shift. This practice is something that I recommend 

 Instead of blaming others, gratitude gives us a chance to find that which is worthy of appreciation in others and take complete responsibility for our actions and consequences of our choices. Staying in the present moment and being mindfully engaged with what you are doing can indeed go a long way in discouraging feelings of anxiety and insecurity.

 Another good habit to adopt is the "not-my-monkey, not-my-circus" habit. The moment you become aware of being pulled into negativity coming from outside, simply remind yourself that whatever is the issue, it is their problem not yours, and gently disengage yourself from it. Gratitude is the delicious loop of positivity that detoxes us from the vicious circle of negativity. 

Just these five words – “gratitude triggers positive feedback loops” - are the reason why gratitude is such a powerful antidote to worries, stress and negativity. It takes a few weeks of continuous practice for the larger benefits to appear since cultivating gratitude is a skill. After a week or two of practice, you can self-generate feelings of gratitude and happiness at will. Focusing on the task at hand helps release us from the loop of negativity. Doing this encourages us to stay in the present moment and overwrite anxiety and insecurities. As the famous stoic thinker Seneca once remarked, “True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future." When you cannot stop thinking and are feeling negative, it is often advisable to take the time to observe your feelings before you choose your reactions. This helps us respond to something more mindfully.

 Try and identify if negativity is a symptom of your stress. Our sources of stress can be people, circumstances, situations and our own thoughts about them. In such a situation, forgiving them and being grateful to them for our life lessons and growth is vital. Forgiveness and gratitude can be your 'sword and shield'. Cancel, Cancel, Cancel: Whenever we get a negative thought, a treble recitation of the word cancel can make you aware and disrupt that thought. Sometimes our negativity can be born out of our inability to forgive ourselves and others. Practices of grateful forgiveness are an excellent way of connecting back to our wholesome nature.

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