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How to drive traffic to your website? 2021


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How to drive traffic to your website?2021 This question is very common amongst the bloggers, especially new and beginners like me. There are so many ways for it, some are free while some need money to be spent. This is a simple mathematical calculation of income – expense = profit. So, need to plan properly for growth and success of your website and online earnings.

Usually, it is considered that 1-3% is the conversion rate. That means whether you are an affiliate marketer or have adsense in your site or anything else, 1-3% of the total traffic of your site may buy the items or click on the ads. So, higher the traffic, higher will be conversion. So, the entire online business is dependent on traffic and the competition is very high.

Let’s have  a look on the different ways to drive traffic to your business.


25 ways on how to drive traffic to your website?

Easy sharing

1. Open a social media page for your website. Join social media groups related to your niche and share your posts and products there.

2. When you start, share your posts to your friends and tell them to share it to their’s and so on. Keep social media share post option in your blog.

3. Join IFTTT and promote your products in auto-mode for certain period of time. This site can help you get more click rate as it posts continously.

4. Open a pinterest account and share pins of your post.

5. Share your post in social media on regular basis through social media page of your website. Different for different platforms.


Improve on page and off-page SEO

6. As a beginner, you can use yoast SEO for taking care of your website SEO score. The lesser the SEO errors, the more chances of ranking good and more the traffic.

7. Follow SEO experts in youtube, join free webinar sessions and step by step improve your ability to take care of SEO as a routine habit.

8. Try to get backlinks from good authoritative sites. This will increase your DA score as well as offer people come back to your site through that link in other famous site.

9. Offer free guest posts on your site and you too try post good content in other sites where free guest posts are possible.

10. Try answer in quora in subjects related to your niche or blogs and put links of your site there. But remember, do not spam.

11. You can join aggregator sites related to your niche to share your blog post there. I tried slideshare and could see fresh visitors suddenly viewing my posts. 

12. Try and use long tail keywords for your subject. These have low keyword difficulty and more traffic volume. SO, chances of ranking are higher and so also traffic inflow.

13. Subscribe to free version of SEO tools and chrome extensions from alexa ranking, Ubersuggest, Seoquake and Websiteseochecker, etc. Read this article for more details.

14. Try market any SEO tool of your choice which you feel may be one of the best and accessible in the market today. The promotions of these tools shall bring your site into lime-light and you have more chances to earn traffic.


Free and Paid options

15. Use sites like to drive traffic to your site.

16. Share your product, blog or your message through google ads, facebook ads or other social media ads. People can see your links more often and hence click chances increase.

17. You can host free webinars or prizes for enrolling to your website or course. This would attract more people and hence more conversion chances.

18. Buy backlinks of high DA and PA websites. This would help your site perform better.

19. Email marketing. This can help a lot for driving traffic as well as conversion chances.

20. Posting URLs in leading sites. This work can be very useful for driving traffic to your posts. You can use site like,,, etc.


Understand google and other search engines

21. Use google site kit to study page views, visitors and source of traffic like desktop, mobile or tablet. You can check google search console to check your page or post is mobile friendly or not.

22. Check google search console for your sitemap updation and post indexing. If not monitored, sometimes your post may not be indexed by google even days after being published.

23. Check out google page speed insights to take care of loading of your website. Your site must load faster than your competitor’s.

24. Use the guidance of google from it’s keyword suggestions and check the traffic in free SEO tool for that keyword or similar keywords. The more keywords your blog has, the more chances to rank higher and therefore more traffic inflow.

25. Get your post indexed in Bing, yahoo and other search engines also. The  more indexed pages in different market, the more chances of traffic inflow.

Conclusion on how to drive traffic to your website?

As a beginner blogger alone, it is hard to do all the research for a article and promotion for traffic. As, in the run of more and more keywords, bloggers team are busy with posting many articles per day. While a single person doing all the works, as a struggler and beginner, is very difficult. Atleast try and write one article per day or very alternate day, that is 15 to 30 posts per month.

You need to make a routine of your research and niche selection. Then try write posts and promote products. By following the above tips on how to drive traffic to your website, I am sure you will get benefited. If you liked the information, do like and share the post. Comment your views on this discussion. Thank you.

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