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How To Find The Best Quality Switches For Your Home?

Shopping for electrical switches isn’t like just another shopping trip to the general store. Nowadays, people have become more conscious of the electrical fittings in their home/office, right from the electrical fittings behind the walls to what is seen, like doorbells. Every small minute detail is carefully looked over, and decisions are made. 

Electrical switches and sockets are just like that. There are certain factors that you need to look at before you invest your time and money. From aesthetic to safety and specific requirements, make sure you check off all before buying modular switches.


Current Ratings

One of the most important factors while shopping online or offline for switches and sockets is understanding its ratings, according to your requirement and placement of the switch. The rating for a fan and light switch will be different from a switch for TV or AC. 

Here is the general rating that is followed: 

6A/10A rating is for lights and fans

16A/20A rating is for heavier lights, moderate power consumption appliances like TV, cooler, etc.

25A/32A is for heavy electrical appliances like geysers, air-conditioners, etc.


The newer modular range of switches and sockets is known to be much safer than conventional switches.

Make sure your switches and electrical sockets have a genuine ISI mark and are made of fire-retardant materials. The sockets should also be shuttered to avoid accidental exposure to children. 


After safety and other important factors, aesthetics should always be considered too. Make sure your quality electrical switch blends in with your house’s interior theme. 

They should be aesthetically pleasing and integrate seamlessly into your walls. You can also check out IndoAsian’s Glint range of modular switches. They are available in various colors, designs, textures, and combinations.


Modular switches are known to last longer than conventional switches. Glint switches last longer because IndoAsian uses UV-stabilized, higher-grade materials. 

To avoid changing switches frequently, make sure you check their quality beforehand.

Easy to Use

Modular switches are best and very easy to use. They don’t make any noise while turning on or off. It even takes less effort to do so and is known to have an ergonomic design.

Besides these factors, while buying switches and sockets, make sure you check out other factors like heat-insulation, spark shield, and dust shield. It is best to have such features on your switches, especially when you have children around the house. 

Lastly, you should also check for warranty and replacement offers by the company. Each company has its own warrant and replacement offer. Some even offer installation men and make life easier for you.

If you’re looking to buy electrical switches and sockets, check out the Glint series of IndoAsian. The range includes high-quality switches, switch boards, sockets, and other electrical fittings. 


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