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How to process for web application development

How to process for web application development

The software development process is divided into 5 steps so that requirements mismatching, work redoing can be eliminated and overall code quality can be improved. Web app (Web applications) development time is less because the overall code can be simultaneously developed by different developers on the backend frontend.

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1. Product Management

Market research has to be done before the Web app (Web applications) development or standalone software application development as a product comes under product management. Product managers job responsibility is to find the answers of Why, when and what with respect to Market Competency Strategy, Roadmap, Marketing and Release of products.

A. Market Competency Strategy

  • Through research about demand for a product and features that need to be embedded in the Web apps (Web applications) or standalone software application.

  • Planning Web app (Web applications) development to be market competitive in terms of cost.

  • Making web application or standalone software application better in terms of performance, features, UI UX and cost.

B. Roadmap

  • Planning phases of research, development, marketing strategies with timings to create a balance between investment, earnings and marketing expenditure on Web app (Web applications) and software applications.

  • Predicting and estimating projection of growth in the number of users and revenue over a period of time.

  • How and when to hit the market to make the Web app (Web applications) development based product maximum profitable venture.

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