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How to properly decorate the house with Scented candles online



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Probably not everyone knows that in ancient Egypt, candles were made of papyrus, and in China, of rice paper. A little later, these materials were replaced by wax, and bee raw materials were not always used. For example, the Japanese people preferred lighting nuts. European industrialists soon began making candles, but for a long time their products were inaccessible to many poor citizens.

Now on the shelves you can find products of any shape and color, made to suit different preferences and tastes. Of course, the advent of modern lighting sources has resulted in this item noticeably losing its position, becoming a kind of romantic accessory used in exceptional cases. But the light of a flashing burning Scented candles online cannot be compared to everyday electric lighting. And that’s why designers are increasingly using this decor element when creating trendy interiors.

Candles are a part of our daily lives and celebrations. In rare homes, we would not find candles waiting for the evening, weekend or special occasions. Once the only source of light, today candles are more designed to create coziness, romance or spirituality when burning or being an interior detail when stored on shelves. Candles of various colors, patterns, shapes are an decoration in themselves, but to create an even greater impression, you can decorate the trays with glass beads, pebbles, dried flowers and so on.

Five rules for decorating the interior with candles

  1. When decorating a room with these accessories, it is important to adhere to stylistic unity and moderation. Designed for the interior in a classic style, long thin candles in a massive gilded candlestick are perfect. Decorating the room in the Baroque style, candles can be complemented with metal candlesticks, decorated with flowers, animal and human figures. When making a room in a country style, you should use green, lilac and pink accessories in any shape.
  2. If you are planning a celebration with direct lighting, you should invite no more than six people; otherwise the atmosphere will not be so secluded. Candles should be at least 5-7 pieces - otherwise the table area will be at dusk. Thin low products are best - this will allow those gathered to see each other well and protect them from accidental burns.
  3. To achieve the maximum effect, designers advise to place the candles in glasses, slightly dipping them in groats, beans or coffee beans. And you can create the whole composition by decorating the dish with candles with original pebbles, beads and available natural materials such as chokeberry. And spruce cones.
  4. The candles on the table must be lit - that is, when they look alive. It is not recommended to place this accessory on the table during the day, as the fire is almost invisible at this time. The next thing is the evening. Two or three in the center of a small table will fill the house with special charm and make such evening hours unforgettable.
  5. When choosing Luxury Candle Holders, you should look for the right candlestick together. Properly selected product will help maintain the candles, prevent the melted wax from spreading, and also give the decoration detail and style.
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