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Does God play with Universe any dice?

It is not my interpretation, but Einstein’s premise

Centuries long a tradition

Where God carved a niche in our societal expression

Unable to decipher the nitty gritty of human life

We resort to God for our gratification being bestowed by nature in an available tide!

Our planet Earth is an entity

In the milky way of a galaxy with an amazing symphony

Myriad of asteroids and meteors

Compose us with an intriguing metamorphose

But out of all creatures in nature

We human alone possess brain which can act exponentially with rapture

No other creature in nature having such grandeur out of its nomenclature

Still we must express our gratitude to the external matters and conditions

This alone plays the crucial role to usher human in this planet only champion!

Thought is alone a material and having enormous strength

It alone can cause all ruckus but can navigate it with due assent

To reach to the apex

Where human can alone dictate with a sensible zest

But out of megalomania

They alone can beckon jeopardy and become an anathema

Paving the way for human race

To be obliterated with utter disgrace!

Gravitation is a nature’s device

Causing all balance and valence with an amazing compromise

To promote matters entity and form

Induce us too to go for a continuous change and reform

Can we envisage the strength of gravity?

Which a black hole possesses to absorb us in serendipity

Can we envisage the extra-terrestrial matters?

Whether Iron, Gold, Silver or copper

Dictate and dominate us with alluring greed to ensure our coffer

Metals and minerals play the major role

Though non-native to Earth but ensure our existence with a hyperbole!

We human may think and perceive

Sometimes coercive, sometimes make align with majority to ensure peace

But we cannot rule out our thinking too a material force

To usher change in nature’s floor with galore

Eliminating all adversities which may bring to mankind only fraught!


Unity in opposites is the prime text

We all living creatures possess a quality with behest

Survival for the fittest, the only condition facilitates the due species to exist and rest

Plenty of lives obliterated out of their inability to ensure to anchor and passing the due test

If our living and existing may follow any universal protocol

One day we may all conglomerate to an intense mass out of gravity of black hole

I wonder whether Iron, Nickel or other elements of non-native origins

Can ensure our existence with more strength to combat the celestial mechanism

Stars, Satellites Milky way and amazing algorithms

Makes all intriguing renditions on Earth with mysterious fanaticism!

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Bill Stankiewicz

3 years ago #5

Heavy questions here

Ali Anani

3 years ago #4

Lovely share and a deep poet dear Debasish Majumder. You wrote: Can we envisage the strength of gravity? Which a black hole possesses to absorb us in serendipity Serendipity refers to discoveries by good luck. Did you mean this in your lyrics?

Debasish Majumder

3 years ago #3

Savvy Raj

Debasish Majumder

3 years ago #2

Milos Djukic

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