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Impact of smartphones on social media popularity

Impact of smartphones on social media popularity

Social media channels like facebook, instagram, twitter, whatsapp, hike messanger and not to be forgotten orkut and other social media platforms have not only heralded a new e- revolution but have made a striking appeal to the people world over. With a single click of mouse one is connected with any other individual all around the world. Such is the multi dimensional approach of the social media that it has assumed the importance of a new dimension in the system.

As smart phones have heralded a new e-revolution one is the biggest hit in that is the advent of social media channels. Thought sharing has become as easy as one is connected with the world with a simple tap or click of the mouse. Social media has not only heralded a new race in the internet connectivity it has also made thought sharing so easy as no one could even think of the same in the past century. It’s a matter of past when news sharing used to be done with telephones and telegrams, so much so even this era of social media e-mails have also lost their importance.


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But this is only one aspect of social media. Now a days even a miniscule of event is sometimes or I must say most of times is presented as if something greater has happened. Though this being one of the aspects. But this great rise of the social media is also posing a great responsibility upon them who are using the same. Social media is one of the cheapest and most accessible platform to interact and to share one’s views on any social issues, but many a times we see it has become  a tool in the hands of a few to flame the anger.

As we see such is the impact of social media that during recently concluded UN General Assembly almost all tall leaders if the world made visits the headquarters of social media giant facebook. Mark Zukerberg has become a household name. Such is the striking effect of social media that it has diversified the ambit of the news, views and public address platform. The news has become matter of past when every second is ready with an every new update. Perhaps there is any one all over the world who is connected to internet and not using any of social media platform. Now it has become more than a friends sharing platform. The audience is all over the world if content is mass driven and the results are also instant. But if it is destructive, aftermaths are also visible in seconds. There are instances when rumors have given rise to conflicts and with lots of efforts the same could be douze.

Hence social media comes with lot of scope and since its access is deep all over the world, hence it has to be used with responsibilities and constructive creativity so that the real objectives for which it has been devised could be achieved.

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Ravi Ranjan

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thank you Javier \ud83d\udc1d beBee sir for sharing :)

Ravi Ranjan

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Thank you :) Please check your inbox. I have some information for you. :)

🐝 Fatima G. Williams

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Great information on the impact of smart phones

Ravi Ranjan

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yes It is

Ravi Ranjan

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yeah !

🐝 Fatima G. Williams

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Is Easy management your own blogging website?

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