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In which region will Disposable Plastic Blood Bag Market Grow Fastest?

Heart diseases kill 17.9 people each year, while 9.6 million die of cancer, says the World Health Organization (WHO). With these, the surgery and hospitalization rates are rapidly going up. One of the most basic things many such patients need is blood, which, being a highly critical and easily contaminable product, has to be kept in clean and sterile bags. Thus, with the growing incidence of chronic diseases and usage of blood at healthcare centers, the disposable plastic blood bag market is expanding around the world.

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In which region will Disposable Plastic Blood Bag Market Grow Fastest?GLOBAL


Disposable bags are indispensable for two main reasons: to stop blood of different groups mixing with each other, which can be deadly for the recipient, and to minimize the chances of blood-borne diseases, such as acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Disposable bags are also used when collecting blood, and with the rate of blood donation going up, the demand for such containers is also surging. For instance, in the U.K., the number of donated units increased from 161,019 in 2015/16 to 159.264 in 2018/19, according to the National Health Service (NHS) data.

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Another reason for the increasing usage of plastic bags to store these biological products is that glass bottles, which were used earlier and are still in use in certain underdeveloped and developing countries, require extensive autoclaving and cleaning. Additionally, plastic bags have a lot lesser chance of breaking up, which otherwise causes wastage of precious resources. Moreover, plastic bags are also being rapidly used in separating blood into its individual constituents, such as platelets, plasma, and red blood cells. Several conditions require the transfusion of only one constituent, which enables the others to be stored for future use.

Across the world, the largest disposable plastic blood bag market is North America, majorly on account of the rising number of patients suffering from blood disorders. For instance, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society says that every three minutes, blood cancer is diagnosed in one person in the U.S. Further, according to the National Cancer Institute of the U.S., 61,780 cases of leukemia were detected in the country and 2019, and the disease resulted in 22,840 deaths.

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