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[Infographic] The Growing Need of Mobile Threat Defense

The ever-growing pertinence of mobile devices and our increasing dependency on them is like a coin with two sides – at one end, the benefits and convenience provided by mobile devices, in both personal and professional world, are matchless and totally extendible, but on the other side, mobile devices have the capacity to expose sensitive data to the wrong people who can do us irreparable harm. The risks and threats posed by cyber-criminals, hackers and identity thieves are now dangerously real.

The fact is, as mobile technologies are getting more and more sophisticated, so are the advancements in new attack vectors that the cybercriminals are exploring to fulfill their malevolent intentions. However, with the expanding mobile threat landscape, companies too have become aware of the impending attacks and hence have started to embrace a mix of on-premise and cloud-based services to decentralize data storage. On top of it, the adoption of next-generation mobile threat defense mechanisms and antivirus solutions has prepped the companies to fight against malware-based risks.

October is the month dedicated to National Cybersecurity Awareness – a collective effort taken by the US government and corporate industry to spread awareness about the criticality of cybersecurity and the measures businesses need to take to keep their mobile/online data safe from any threats. This specific Infographic will elucidate the growing cyber threat landscape, its impact on enterprises and ways to fight it back. Considering this year’s underlying message – Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT, you can relate to the insights and facts we conveyed through the illustration.

[Infographic] The Growing Need of Mobile Threat Defense“J Scalefusion MDM


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Mobile Threats - Are You Ready To Fight Them Back?
Facts | Insights | Trends

According to the researchers at Check Point - a leader in cybersecurity solutions, there


might be a 50% increase in smartphone targeted cybe ed with last year


This ye s witnessed a noticeable rise in malware 3 st mobile devices


where hackers have specifically focused th a
malicious ads, credential theft, and surve


acking smartphones with

Top 6 Reasons Behind This Sharp Rise
of Mobile Security Threats

uo 2

Increasing use of mobile Data leakags


to Connecting mob


banking apps uninhibited use of random apps unsecured Wi


S =
Network spoohing through Phishing attacks by clicking Enterprise use of outdated devices
fake access points on unsecured email links without software patches

The Names of 5 Most Notable Mobile Security Threats


Top Mobile Threat Statistics By
Kaspersky Lab In Q1 2019

Detected Mobile Banking, Trojans Detected Mobile Ransomware
Installed Packages Installed Packages


Detected Malicious Installed Packages.


112067 > 106519
Financial i “ Ransomware Trojans
Matware Attacks ZR Attacks


Top 5 Types Of Malicious Mobile Apps Distributed

oy Risk Tool
30% =
Trojan Dropper



[] 7% Trin-sms

Top 5 Countries Attacked By Mobile Malware
& Mobile Banking Trojans

= ee Re

Pakistan Australia

32% yy

Iran Turkey

28% [0 X.2:)

Bangladesh ROSE]

249 (0 RC 1)

Algeria South Africa



MTD can work in conjunction with an MDM solution
to drive foolproof data, application, and network security.

MTD Capabilities

k, detect and deactivate suspicious & malicious
Ela Re EC Ta [si

© Supervise system parameters & device's

® Check integrity of SSL connections & website

® Detect and stop data-leakage through malware
filtering, code analysis & reputation scanning

© Secure against network attacks by encrypting traffic
connecting to open WiFi networks.


MDM Functions

J Scalefusion MDM

Leverage Scalefusion MDM along with a robust MTD Solution
to seamlessly secure & manage your enterprise data and devices

Original Source - Scalefusion Kiosk Solutions

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