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We human are the only supreme social being

We construe a society of our own out of our designed cerebral mechanism

We can only think and take measures to change our vicinity

To make it amenable only to express our valor with a distinct entity!


We do fight against nature with our utmost gravity

We endeavor to make favorable even the extreme climate

Since centuries long we are evolving comparing to our primate

We are adapting against all adversities nature impose on us

We are making hostile into congenial out of our devised intellectual mass

Many species unlike us unable to confront and adapt with nature are forced to extinct

Change is the nature’s grand phenomena which is only constant in nature’s designed precinct!

We all creatures in nature’s floor

Enjoy our existence with rapture and grandeur!


But in the passage of time

We only focused on our mundane convenience which is surely a crime

Not bothering other creatures and even trees and their exuberant entities

Which are an integral part of the eco-system we are living with our vibrant mechanics

We ceaselessly endeavored to remove the green cover of our dwelling planet

To make conurbation only to usher few interest groups convenience and asset!


We are engulfing with concrete jungle being construed ourselves in nature’s floor

Removing the greenery out of few greedy creatures inclinations to increase their opulence in galore

Hardly we care how we are causing menace for majority

Even plants and myriad species are in the brink of despondence and crying silently

For few humans unrestrained greed

We will surely in near future too lose our capacity to breed!


Entropy is a lovely nature’s expression

Drawing the limitation for the gravity of creatures entity in nature’s floor and its attribution

Heat, pressure and temperature

The only determining conditions for all lives to explore in nature’s floor with grand rapture

We poor human only observe in our milieu

And try to delve our surroundings for clue

We human perhaps do possess the most complex brain

Which alone navigate us to overbear the nature’s floor with an unrestrained train!


Thermal, mechanical and chemical manifestation

Making all changes in nature’s floor with amazing rendition

It alone script matters presence and its magnificent essence

We poor human only receive its impulses out of our sensory organs existence

Our sensory organs help us to to construe a milieu

Where we just exist in due tenure only to offer in certain time frame to adieu!


Human society is mere a conscious configuration

Where we exist, breathe and construe our emphatic expression

Hardly we care about trees and plants and other creatures in our available environ

Which all play the inevitable role to design our eco-system with grand role!


We human are poor creature incapable to envisage

Apart from oxygenated blood and other required nutrients

Our organs proliferate with distinct essence

But I wonder about other materials, metals and minerals

How they design our configuration by virtue of our physical presence

Ferrous and ferro-alloy with other material used to play significant role

I wonder our metabolism how promote only vengeance to jeopardize nature mother's weeping soul

Can we even perform metabolism without cobalt’s intriguing role?

Just to pave the way for human to claim their supremacy in an existing protocol

Thus few humans only uphold their paramountcy though resorting to carols

Upholding God’s grace for their agenda as the boon only to cause huge furor

Only to prove their emphatic entity, not pondering that all are ephemeral despite their odor!

group_work in beBee Science Café and in 3 more groups

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Fay Vietmeier

2 weeks ago #2

@Debasish Majumder 

Lovely Debasish ..

"Thus few humans only uphold their paramountcy though resorting to carols

Upholding God’s grace for their agenda as the boon only to cause huge furor"

Have shared this “Intricate Nature” 😇

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