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Subho and Aloke, both works in the Government hospital. They are working for consistently for more than sixteen years in the health department and they are good friends too. Presently, owing to pandemic their work pressure has increased enormously. After having their lunch in the recess hours, both are now sitting in the dinning hall and relaxing. 

Suddenly Subho asked, " Aloke, what happened to you? Since morning I am watching you appeared to be too dismal, why? Are you in any sort of trouble?"

Aloke nodded his head while gazing at the ceiling fan rotating in full speed. Then he uttered, " You know Subho, I m wondering how electro magnetic force helping this fan at the top to work and soothe us. The same electro magnetic force helping us for metabolism and facilitating us to exist. Out heart works and carry Oxygenated blood and nutrients to every cell of our body. Living and non living intriguingly resonating! Is not it amazing?"

Subho replied, " Matter and energy are just the manifestation like a coin having both sides. One cannot be distinguished from the other. We all are in motion along with everything in and around us and whatever it may impact to our spectrum is just an entity of matter itself. It makes unique reflection in our cerebral and we interpret our feelings and experience out of our conventional signals to others. Bit, I am wondering why you are suddenly so deeply absorbed with matter?"

Aloke answered, " No, actually nowadays an invisible enemy, a virus is causing huge menace to our eco system and taking toll of numerous lives. Our government is now aiming to bring more and more people under the vaccine umbrella to protect lives. See, this "umbrella" metaphor being coined by our health department! Literally umbrella is meant to protect ourselves from nature's unfavorable impact on us. It protect us from extreme heat of the Sun or from rain. Combating adversities of nature is our inherent trait and it enables us to survive and thrive. We too being a product of nature, we ourselves devised myriad design to ensure our security and safety." 

After a pause, Aloke said, " We human consume birds, reptiles, various animals and fruits and we metabolize. I wonder, whether we too reveal those living creatures traits during our journey of life who provides various nutrients to our multi-cellular body mechanism to thrive?"

There after he asked Subho," Well Subho, how many types of forces we are conversant with?"

Subho answered amusingly, " Four, why?"

Aloke asked, " What are they?"

Subho resolutely answered, " Electro magnetic force, Weak force, Strong force and Gravity."

Aloke said, " Yes, but when everyday I observe the throng of dead bodies are being carried to mortuary, covered with black wrappers, the color black used to make huge impact to my eyes as well brain. I cannot realize how this 'Black' absorbs all the living entity and covert one into a mere 'body', having no identity of distinction. While observing these stream of dead bodies are now making me truly fatigued."

Subho said, " Now I can understand your pain and reason of being dismal. Yes, the nature's abrupt attack on human beings lives and livelihood made us weary and helpless. This pandemic has truly changed the equation of existence, where being a social being, human are now forced to follow 'Social Distancing!"

Aloke rejoinder, " You know Subho, recently I came across a study regarding this Covid-19 virus and I am amazed to know that unlike viruses of common flu, this particular virus act on human being to change their behavior too! When we are being infected with this virus, without having any apparent symptoms or mild symptoms, we are triggered to become more sociable and unintentionally affecting many. Incase of common flu, we naturally tend to resort to bed and distance ourselves from others. Keeping ourselves isolated in due course of time, we naturally convalesce and eventually resume to our former physical state and activities. Another important feature during this pandemic I am observing is misinformation, which is spreading like wild fire regarding this virus and creating huge panic to peoples mind. I guess, out of panic many are dying. If "Big Bang" is the condition for creating Universe, then the motion behind "Big Bang" or the conditions with other forces which might have played a significant role for such development are yet perhaps not known to us. So the force behind such panic for which lot of people are turning into black bodies is truly camouflaging me!"

Subho became utterly nonplussed by Aloke interpretation and replied, " Sometimes I cannot understand your all explanation. It is really intriguing!"

Aloke replied, " Majority cannot and that is why I have very few friends. Majority find me complex, difficult. They discard, dislike and avoid me. They tend to find flaw with me and often concluded that I am mentally unsound. But I guess, at least you don't consider me like others and will remain friend to me."

Subho said, " Surely Aloke. Don't get hurt please! I don't meant to say you are an unsound mind. Honestly speaking, sometimes I cannot think so deeply like. But I do respect your views and values which truly haunt me. You will always remain as the most dear friend to me."

Aloke added, " You know Subho, yesterday I visited to the old age home where your mother stay, just to enquire about her health in this pandemic time. While coming back from there the only thought engulfed my mind is which force actually compelled you to send your mother to the old age home? Why can't you accommodate her with your family? I really cannot envisage the invisible force compel you to act accordingly. Subho don't get me wrong please!"

Subho felt utterly embarrassed and tried to defy, " Look Aloke, I am not entirely in favor of my mother's relocation. Actually my wife and my mother both cannot adjust and just to get rid of relationship to become more sour I had to resort to this arrangement. Only to buy peace in my family."

Aloke forcibly stopped Subho before he may come up with more plea, " Look, this is what which I am intending to say. We may feel, but certainly we cannot define whether there is any 'Fifth Force' and how it will abruptly emerge and engulf us in what form, despite it is available in the same environment and nature where we all are dwelling."

Subho felt little disrupted though he is conversant with Aloke's trait and immediately organized himself and replied, " Aloke it is time for both of us to think sensibly. Now it is high time for us to resume to our work. We can discuss this topic later."

Aloke replied, " Yes, yes dear, surely we must proceed now."

Then they both gradually disappeared to their domain of work, keeping no sign of their discussions in the dinning room. After switching off the light and fan followed by their departure, dinning room virtually engulfed with only darkness to prevail. 

I am Space, the lone listener of their discussions and wondering with regard to time, the sound energy being produced by them, eventually transformed into what form of energy! 



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Pascal Derrien

1 year ago #6

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

1 year ago #5

Pascal Derrien

1 year ago #4

Space as a witness thats a concept  

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

1 year ago #3

John Rylance

1 year ago #2

I suggest equilibrium is the fifth force, balance where no one has the upper hand and Alone and Subho can continue their discussions which to me reach no conclusion, open ended ready for their next meeting when they can exchange views again.  

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