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I love to wander lonely as cloud

Going beyond gravitation and expressing my entity in loud

Hardly I care I am having resemblance as light

Consequently I go up with delectable flight

Still my presence too explicitly display my identity

I love to declare brazenly, considering the gravitation and its unique entity!

Gravitation is not mere a subject of Earth and it exhibit its overall lovely hue

All other planets in the solar system do hold their satellites and maintain a status quo

 Devoid of any dearth 

It is truly a subject since centuries long to ponder for human faculty and secured an intriguing berth!

Collapse in gravitation

Paved the way for solar system to evolve with emphatic expression

Cloud of compression and dissemination 

Enabled a system to manifest with mystic ramification!

I wonder why cannot we ponder

Planets existing in our solar system's configuration are arrested in an inherent chamber

Having innumerable satellites in astounding number

One is significant and striking 

Venus revolves opposite in spin unlike other planets orbital spinning

Unity in opposites do exist in our overall configuration in an amazing rhythm

I wonder how gravitation plays predominantly in every planet to maintain an amazing algorithm!

I am amazed to observe the importance of gravitation 

Where in planet Earth water bodies as well atmosphere maintain a status quo in gestation

It appears as predominant with its intriguing rendition

Yet water, the prime basis of lives in expression

Devoid of salinity paves the way for myriad lives to express its entity and vibes 

Growth, proliferations and profits became the conditions for life to explore

A new nomenclature emphatically claim it is the only way to thrive in galore

I wonder loss is why only pave the way to usher for grave

Obliterating numerous lives being scripted by few with sheer deprave!

I only wonder whose growth, proliferation, gravity and entity

We tend to celebrate to glorify for meagre privileged creatures serendipity

I cannot envisage the other planets as well satellites impact

Eclipsing our sensibility too with sheer camouflaging essence

Magic, charm and beauty

These three emotive forces engulf us with mystic color and complacency!

Cloud eventually confuse us and triggers to flout

Not bothering our entity which is in jeopardy and crying in loud

Our visuals are marred, impeding to bloat

Beyond cloud the gravitation becoming weak not allowing us to float

Going beyond the attraction mechanism of Earth 

There is no dearth and we express apathy to wither ourselves at large

But I do subscribe with a view

Scantily, but it too exist in Earth's floor, no longer desirous to adieu

Gravitation on Earth no longer becomes blur

Only to bemuse us to adore and sustain in nature's floor with slur!

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Jerry Fletcher

Jerry Fletcher

7 months ago #6

Debasish, the gravity of your words are beyond my skills to completely apprehend. Thank you for, once again, making this tired old man think a little differently. And so it goes.

John Rylance

John Rylance

7 months ago #5

This lonely cloud poem has more to offer than the poetic host of golden daffodils.

John Rylance

John Rylance

7 months ago #4

Gravitate the move towards the centre, finding it hard to resist the gravatational pull. The need to slow the pulling force down to take in the nuances of the poem, that like gravity suck us in.

Pascal Derrien

Pascal Derrien

7 months ago #3

Never thought one could think about gravitation in a poetic way I guess I was wrong :-)

Debasish Majumder

Debasish Majumder

7 months ago #2

John Rylance,

Debasish Majumder

Debasish Majumder

7 months ago #1

Pascal Derrien

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