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I really cannot understand what is begin to grow

Germination is a process which is being applauded for its unique flow

But we cannot visualize seed 

Which is the only constituent to usher breed!

Soil texture is too a prime resort

Where seeds make their focus in grand exhort

Different seeds make different expression

We only applaud for its amazing manifestation!

If we consider Idea as seed

It too need required essential nutrients to expose with jovial treat

It may not visualize in human spectrum

As it manifest to engulf our cerebral with an abstract norm!

I wonder whether an idea is a human brain child 

 Its inherent trait are being inherently designed

It is the external condition which reflect in our cerebral to make huge impact 

Changing our configuration of cerebral with its style and stature and tact

Which ensures few minorities existence with comfort and composure

They may yield dividends out of their abrupt discerning affair

But poor majority who too possess ideas

But being discarded out of their inferior status!

I cannot rule out the existence of class

Where minority suppress majority out of their superior status

It is the idea which brings dividends for few

We majority tend to eulogize for its stunning hue

How could poor majority comprehend their mess

Could assess the colors intriguing trace

Red, Blue and Green

Finally dictate and dominate the matters sustainable regime

Out of these colors we exist and breathe

Innovation and disruption is a human devised charisma

We all surprisingly arrested by its construing complex expressions in plethora!

Hardly we can guess

What exactly available in our vicinity and in what grace

Mistry, Charm and Color

Make the difference to construe all elements with vigor

Up and Down and amazing syndrome

Continuously acting to configure our design at random!


I strongly subscribe that it is matter

Which engender for all ideas to emerge in nature's floor with rapture and clatter

But surprisingly majority subscribe idea as human brain child 

I wonder how from human fetus emerge a healthy child

It too possess healthy ideas

Centuries long evolution has ushered the essence and gravity of ideas

An embryo too possess constituents of developed notions

In the fetus it too receives the centuries long vibrations and impulse

Necessity is the mother of all creations

An adage we admire with reasonable obsession!

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Debasish Majumder

Debasish Majumder

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