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making [SIF
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changes."Bees are an amazing creature

Spirally they move with an amazing gesture

Honey they produce

Pollination they enable for many to evolve and express in profuse!

They are the catalyst

For flora and fauna with variety in our sight

They are responsible to adorn nature

Lovely milieu they construe with a delectable aura

For them only we are marooned with colors in plethora

But the labor bees promote

Honey, a unique jelly they alone can produce in galore

It is the labor, the prime condition to exist of all forms of in valor!

I wonder how we express our sheer apathy

Aspiring to remove human endeavor with artificial calligraphy

Dreaming of becoming oblivious of grand emphasis of labor

This is a natural fabric with an eternal clamor!

Alone it makes a unique align

We human only express our audacious intention to malign

Ignoring its tremendous appeal

Can we make any valid proposition to repeal?

Without labor nothing can be produced

Even legendary works are labor of inherent attributes

Navigating us to reach to the apex out of its empirical roles

Continuously it thrive to set our goals

It alone plays the most sensible role

For which only our civilization makes an emphasis with hyperbole!

But the furor we make to claim our fruits of labor

Undermining its gravity out of our pernicious clamor

Subduing its flame by our self-eulogizing flame

Where few only enjoy its warmth

Majority are deprived from its holistic charm!

Out of labor only few make enormous fame

While majority are ignored by dominants pernicious game

Though they only played the marvelous role

Yet we ignored them with sadistic brawl

What a sad story we craft

Where laborers are suffered most with ignominy and graft!

Men and women both engaged in love

But men are utterly deprave

Express their supremacy and hegemony on their fruits of love

Poor women having no say at all in raft

Apart from abiding the format being crafted by men’s conditional love

Only to shed tears in agony

Their labor being ignored too, bearing no testimony

They too played the important role with equal agility

By men’s chauvinism and infamous craft decimated their righteous ecstasy!

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Mind-stirring piece, Debasish Majumder, and a realistic look at humanity. Unfortunate occurrences are of no value.

This is a buzz that is worthy of sharing dear Debasish Majumder. Meaningful discussions create bonding among people and new realities emerge subsequently. Arguments, conflicts, distorted conversations create the opposite effect. Sometimes we overlook basic facts.

Geoff Hudson-Searle

3 years ago #5

So true Debasish Majumder, a great reminder in our daily lives that meaningful conversations produce a better sense of agreements and execution over words. Great and enlightening buzz!

Pascal Derrien

3 years ago #4

the story of humanity according to king bee :-)

Debasish Majumder

3 years ago #3

Joel Anderson

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