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Predator and prey

Continuously strive in nature's amazing tray

But surprisingly both exist in gay

With a never ending stretch of fray

Nature has devised a lovely design

Where Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow and other colors amazingly align and shine

Never there is any dearth

Stygian uproar may for the time being produces an ephemeral berth

But eventually it is life only capable to sustain

Dispelling all mesmerizing scenes to bemuse us and maneuvering all events of disdain!


It is a lovely contradictory scenario nature intriguingly display

Where we are forced to be confused and finally fall into nature's helpless prey

Not actually able to fathom

Whether friction causes motion or motion causes friction at random

But it is the reflection we receive in our cerebral

Instigate us to interpret matters to only engulf our consciousness and enthrall

Our perception producing an image in our spectrum only to produce humdrum

We are mere a tool only to be engulfed with utter conundrum

We human thus being the most developed species to emerge in nature's floor

Just to produce mere riddles in galore!


Aspiration and apprehension

Both abstract mechanism clouded us at random

We never know

In what circumstances which one will emerge as predominant and continue to flow

Idea being fluid, I wonder how it facilitate friction and motion to accelerate with an agile toe

Finally it is the matter and its charismatic quality

Where we are constantly confused by its inherent duality

Hardly we able to gauge

Life and death both exist on us to make sheer camouflage!


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Fay Vietmeier

11 months ago #4

🍯🍯🍯🍯@Debasish Majumder 

I share your “intriguing” poem 

I say often: “Life is FLUID”

We never know

In what circumstances which one will emerge as predominant and continue to flow

Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman

11 months ago #3

Much can be learned from nature if we listen! Stunning poem @Debasish Majumder.

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