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Introduction to the Vedic Nakshatras

Vedic astrology is completely based on the planets and the constellations. In ancient times, when the sages observed the sky, they identified the different groups of constellations as Nakshatras. They divided it into 27 identical groups and named everyone according to their shape.


The Vedic way of time study is based on the Nakshatras and these depends on the movement of the Moon and the Sun. In the solar system, all the planets revolve around the Sun in their orbit. Referencing the earth, our entire universe is considered to spread in the angle of 360 ​​°. The 12 equal parts of the space i.e 300 each is said to be the space of the identical zodiac signs. Similarly, by dividing 27 Nakshatras in the 360 ​​° space, leaves the…

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