Debasish Majumder

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We human like all other creatures living on Earth

We thrive and express our entity to maintain a diversity on Earth

We are causing menace to our planet brazenly

Profit is our ultimate motto which we never try to evade profoundly

Of late our sincerity for Earth evidently in dearth

We are in precarious state for our subsequent progenies birth!


We release Carbon in our available ambiance

Hardly we care for our posterity and their future convenience

Who will surely face unpredictable turbulence

We inhale Oxygen for our existence

We only claim our supremacy in nature's floor with prevalence!


Oxygen is a product of nature

But we human hardly care of its gravity and its nomenclature

We incessantly torment nature

Not bothering we too are the product of nature

We unknowingly beckoning our own jeopardy

When none will exist to script our shameful obituary!


I wonder whether is it not our suicidal trend

Where none will remain to witness our errand

We unknowingly welcoming helplessly

Finding none to fend to our fallacy!


For few feral clan

Humanity is facing huge mess 

They only focus to amass their opulence

They are no impulsive for their deadly plan

Majority is only continuously paying the price

For few minority’s unrestrained greed and caprice!


I guess the time is not very far to suffice nature’s complex face

Where space will no longer bear any testimony that life do exist in this planet’s trace

Comfort or discomfort hardly play any role

I wonder how will we guess

Elements do possess mind and able to assess

When they will be forced us in the verge of obliteration in due process

I wonder how we will evaluate

To combat adversities and sustain to establish our emphatic state!


It is I guess just mere a fallacy

Vengeance of nature if reveal on all creature on Earth eloquently

We are just a fry, having no match to combat her hostility

After all it is the nature which alone nurture us

Why should we beckon jeopardy just to cause mere ruckus?

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Fay Vietmeier

2 weeks ago #3

@Debasish Majumder 

We are in precarious state for our subsequent progenies birth!

We most surely are .. 😂

Though our spiritual condition is much more precarious than our physical - and it is the former that caused the later 

… earths children are currently standing on the edge of a great precipice
… their toes are inches ever the edge .. they are about to fall over
… but they have closed their eyes
… they have hardened their hearts
… as a result .. they do not understand what they are doing or the consequences to follow 


John Rylance

1 month ago #2

We need to adapt to the needs of the planet, rather expecting the planet to adapt to our needs.

If we don't mankind will not survive, neither will the fauna flora animals etc.

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