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Is it Worth Starting a NFT Marketplace on Flow Blockchain ?

Flow was launched by Dapper Labs, designed exclusively to cope up with NFTs. Actually Dapper Labs, underwent research and built Flow for their own NFT Marketplace Cryptokitties and also let other developers build their Dapps and any other projects on it.

The prime motto of flow is to act as the developer-friendly open space where one can build Dapps, NFT gaming platforms, and collectibles without any hurdles.

Create Your Own NFT Marketplace On Flow



How Does Flow Blockchain Work ?

Flow Works on Proof of Stake(POS) Consensus algorithm but carries a new cryptographic technique, Specialized Proofs of Confidential Knowledge (SPoCKs). In classic blockchain, every node has the responsibility to store all the transactions and here comes the congestion issues.

They have separated the functions of nodes with fine pipelined architecture , its node type involves


The above four nodes participate in each and every transaction. This Segregation makes transactions more efficient and faster than other blockchains.


Flow is the native token of Flow which encourages borderless digital transactions

Characteristics of Flow

Wide use cases
Low Monetary inflation
Huge Distribution

Flow NFT Marketplace Development

Flow NFT Marketplace Development is the complete technical process of building an NFT marketplace on flow blockchain for various domains like art, gaming, music, real estate, etc. It involves the integration of smart contracts and native token development on Flow blockchain.

Read a brief article at Bitdeal

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